Lady Gaga ARTPOP Review
ARTPOP Released 11/11

Lady Gaga returns to the pop music scene with her highly anticipated, highly crafted ARTPOP. The iconic pop star continues her mission to turn pop music into a movement and an art installation piece with her latest effort, and at some times it’s just too much.. too much of the same thing 

With first single “Applause” leading the pack, Ms. Gaga attempts to bring back the Fame days, discussing celebrity and how screaming fans give her life. It’s a smart, refreshing first single from the singer,  after her questionable choices from the Born This Way era, as “Applause” is easily a radio friendly, Top 40 hit with an extremely catchy hook. 

Lady Gaga’s self-produced “Venus” is a tune saturated in a modern disco beat and cliches about Mythology, space and sex. The shunned second single from ARTPOP is heavily produced, but her voice is strong as she cries out lyrics like “goddess of love” and “when you touch me I die inside and I wonder if this could be love."

Super producer, Zedd makes his mark on “G.U.Y.”  Drenched with a heavy dance beat and sexual submissions, Lady Gaga sounds right at home.  Though it’s the usual, hypnotizing sound coming from Zedd’s melodies, the standout moment is from the hook that’s right in your face, even with it’s a poor excuse for a acronym (G.U.Y. stands for “girl under you”).

The haunting “Dope” isn’t all that Lady Gaga desires it to be with it’s dramatic lyrics and vocals. With sounds similar to a Broadway ballad, the heart wrenching story of the man that can save her from herself  becomes distant as the electronic synth coursing beneath the piano melody distracts the listener.  If “Dope” was stripped down, Lady Gaga’s message would be more powerful. 

ARTPOP barely innovates where Lady Gaga wants it to, but even though it’s been heard before, it manages to deliver an appealing sonic story to her little monsters. ARTPOP is ambitious and strives to combine pop music, art, fashion, and modern technology (a version of the album comes with an interactive app). Lady Gaga successfully melts R&B, Techno, rock and pop all together, while lyrically discussing drugs, sexuality, love, and fame. 

Other tracks that are worth an extra listen are the rock 'n' roll, sexy, “MANiCURE,” the playful “Donatella,” and   celebrated second single, R. Kelly duet “Do What U Want.” Tracks to avoid are the angry and EDM driven “Swine,” and the wild title-track, “ARTPOP.”