Adventure Club at Webster Hall for Their Super Hero Annonymous Tour
with Dallas K, Hunter Siegal & DVBBS

Adventure Club stopped by Webster Hall this past Friday on their Superheroes Anonymous Tour.  With hundreds of fans in attendance, Adventure Club along with Dallas K, Hunter Siegal and DVBBS put on a show that is definitely one for the books.

Before the show even began, the energy outside of Webster Hall was intense as fans were waiting to get inside and be amazed. To start, Dallas K and Hunter Siegal took the stage and got the crowd pumped up and ready to rage. Once DVBBS came on, their energy and animated interaction with the crowd got everyone jamming. As soon as DVBBS dropped their super hit “Tsunami” the crowd absolutely lost it after the first drop.  DVBBS continued to get the crowd going wild with hits like “Stampede” and “We Are Electricwhile occasionally stepping out from behind the mixers, and sometimes jumping on top, to get closer to the audience and add to their energy.

Then the moment we were all waiting for, Adventure Club’s Christian Srigley and Leighton Callou took the stage with an incredible opening and light show. While the crowd fed off of Christian and Leighton’s liveliness and were in awe of the spectacular lights and visuals, they continued to play hits from their recent EP Calling All Heroes which coincides with the theme for this tour. A crowd favorite was “Gold” ft. Yuna, which had every single person in the crowd singing along while the words Gold were shining bright behind the stage. They continued to please the crowd with hard hitting dubstep favorties like "Retro City" and a some big room house like "Thunderclap".

When all was said and done Adventure Club took us all on a journey through music, lights, sounds and sheer energy that left the fans wanting an encore. It was a show that could make anyone feel like a superhero.

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