Event Review: 'Brilliant Machines Rock' w/ Compressorhead @ Union Square 11/12
Robot-rock group Compressorhead & GE throw day-long concert in NYC's Union Square

Braving New York’s plummeting temperatures, people came in droves to witness the genius engineering wonder of German robot band, Compressorhead, as they played one of their first US gigs in collaboration with GE’s Brilliant Machines campaign in NYC’s Union Square yesterday (November 12). Playing multiple sets throughout the day, the fascination was written all over onlookers faces as they watched the robots, who actually play real instruments live (with the magic of the concealed engineers), cranking out classic rock tunes like Joan Jett’s “I Love Rock and Roll” to Motorhead’s “Ace of Spades.” 

The spectacle brought out many sides of the changing crowd, with some awestricken by the technological feat of Compressorhead, as well as those fearful of the inception of a robot takeover. Nonetheless, people enjoyed themselves, as many were taken down memory lane with the classic tunes, or simply by seeing things only once imagined coming to life before their eyes. 

One may question the emotional connection between the robots and the crowd, but there was not much of a disconnect. The cheers between and after each song were authentic, and the reaction as the band started a new record mirrored that of a human band. Compressorhead is the real deal, and they are about as heavy metal as you can get.

It’s fascinating to see what the human mind can accomplish, and GE’s Brilliant Machines campaign, along with Compressorhead, certainly entertained and inspired New York City.