Infinite Daps Tour Documentary
Baauer x RL Grime x Ryan Hemsworth x Jim-E-Stack

24 year old Baauer and 22 year old RL Grime are on the forefront of changing the trap gameThis past summer, the two of them teamed up to headline a tour across America together, known as the Infinite Daps Tour. Joining in on the tour were Ryan Hemsworth and Jim-E-Stack as the supporting artists. 

Between the four of them, there was nothing off limits in their new documentary, Infinite Daps, which was filmed during their tour. The documentary gives an insider's view on behind-the-scenes coverage of their daily lives as the biggest producers of their time. RL Grime and the rest of the cast fondly calls Baauer by his real name, Harry, and the four friends are shown go-karting together on their down time.

The biggest realization from this documentary is the fact that these four artists are actually super chill and relaxed in real life. Almost bordering on the line of laziness, these four guys are easy to relate to, as their character and personalities mirror what our generation is really like. They don't lead the typical rockstar lives that you would think they live, instead they order pizza and hang out on their tour bus after shows. 

Ryan Hemsworth sums it up pretty well at the end of the documentary:

It's been awesome to be able to be do this type of thing with friends. Sometimes it's a really industry made thing like, you're just forced to do a tour with somebody. To be able to just like, go with like, some best friends is such a luxury.

You can watch the full documentary below: