Have You Ever Checked Out Dillon Francis' Merchandise?
The hilarious Dillon Francis offers you more than just t-shirts and hoodies on his merchandise site.















If you've never heard of American DJ and Producer, Dillon Francis, before you're in for a treat. Not only is he one of the leading pioneers of moombahton, but he has an online personality that's both bizarre and hilarious, to say the least. As a music producer and DJ, Dillon is capable of releasing catchy and festive tunes that are a special blend of hip-rocking beats and upbeat melodies. As an online personality, he's mastered the ingenuity of social media and took it upon himself to create multiple personalities like DJ Hanzel and Craigslist Connie, all of which he reeanacts himself on his Instagram account.

When his hit track 'I.D.G.A.F.O.S' came out in 2011, the meaning behind the acronyms took a life on its own (in case you were wondering, it stands for 'I don't give a f-ck or sh-t'). It garnered a following amongst fans everywhere who began to use the phrase excessively, kind of like how the terms YOLO and FOMO took off. With the success of his phrase, Dillon came out with a merchandise site solely for the purpose of selling his very special items which has the logo 'IDGAFOS' designed on all the sweatshirts and tees.

But wait! Let's take a look at all the other notable store merchandise:

Dillon Francis Will Prank Call Your Mom In The Middle Of The Night 



Video: Dance Routine To Any Song Of Your Choice 




New Item! Dillon Francis Drunk Cooks Your Recipe





 Dillon Francis Will Become A Vegan For A Year





New Item! Dillon Francis Sings Happy Birthday To You Underwater




For a complete list of all his store merchandise, you can check it out on his site here.