Beyoncé Breaks iTunes Record
Superstar sells 617,000 in three days

Music icon Beyoncé has broken the US iTunes record by selling 617,000 copies of her latest self-titled album in only three days on the platform. The album, which was released unannounced, has been a big hit and continues to rise, as the singer is set to take the number one spot in less than a week on the charts. The album is arguably her best yet, and is a must listen for all Beyoncé and music fans worldwide. The album which features Drake, Frank Ocean, and Jay Z was a two year process that shocked fans upon it's surprise release on Friday. Singles from the 'Visual Album' will be available December 20th.

The sales record previously held by Taylor Swift's latest album, RED, is quite a feat considering there was no marketing behind the album, as well as the fact that B's latest has not had the benefit of a full sales week. Along with being the second largest digital release, as well as a personal best first week, the album is slated to sell exponentially more upon its retail release, for what could potentially be Queen B's highest selling album to date. 

The genius of Beyoncé marketing, or lack thereof, is making many in the industry rethink stategy, and once again proves the boldness, and innovation of Beyoncé and her team.

Beyoncé's latest album is out now exclusively on iTunes

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