deadmau5 Launches His New Site Today
deadmau5 is back at it again with a new website centered around his fans.


The almighty deadmau5 is back at it again to launch his new site today, which is largely a fan-centric site. His new site, which you can visit hereserves as a platform for fans to interact and connect with deadmau5 in more ways than one. The Canadian music producer who is notorious for being the black sheep of EDM, has always been widely known to be connected to his fans using social media. You recall all those signature mau5 heads you see at festivals? You can thank deadmau5 and his loyal fan base for that. It's a testament to the success of deadmau5 as an Artist, because other than his music, he's always found it essential to remain loyal to his fan base.

Furthermore, let's get down and dirty into the details on how his new site found innovative ways to stay in touch with the fans:

  • As of now, the site launched on the web at this url and it's also part of a downloadable desktop application for both Mac and PC. Come March 2014, users can download the site as a native mobile app for iOs, Android and Windows Phone.
  • Users can sign up for an accounct for free and this will allow you access to 30-second music clips, the latest news on everything and anything to do with deadmau5 and Meowingtons (his cat), photos and limited live streams.
  • Meanwhile, a paid subscription grants access to much more exclusive features and benefits. The majority of the exclusive live streams are reserved for 'suckscribers' only, and other features include tutorials from deadmau5, himself, screen sharing, events and concerts. Also, suckscribers will have access to full-length songs (as opposed to 30-sec clips), which may also be downloadable.
  • There is also a 'MSG BOREDS' feature on the site where anyone can browse freely, but only the suckscribers can post on it. Deadmau5 will also be making occasional appearances on the 'msg boreds' to keep in touch with his fans.
  • But of all these features, the most revolutionary one is the 'CHAT.' Just like how the 'msg boreds' work, anyone can watch but only the suckscribers can use the feature to be voiced and chat away with deadmau5. Once a chat is announced, the service will randomly select four users to chat with deadmau5 for a designated period of time.
  • Paying subscribers are also entitled to much more downloadable content from deadmau5' studio.

So what are all you deadmau5 fans waiting for? See you on the other side, suckscribers.