UKF On The Road With Bassnectar Video
UKF Music travels alongside Bassnectar on his Immersive Music Tour and reveals some fascinating behind-the-scenes footage.

Bassnectar is a revolutionary Artist who continues to push boundaries with his music. He wildly succeeds in bringing all the elements that make bassheads crave his music. Yet, that's not even the best part of it all. His shows have gained recognition as one of most anticipated stage productions. From the lights to the featured animations that move with the music, his state of the art equipment delivers a unique experience that has fans immersed in the sweet nectar of Bassnectar. 

When UKF joins Bassnectar on his Immersive Music Tour, they gained access to view the immense stage productions that go on behind-the-scenes. Additionally, they revealed Bassnectar as a true artist who not only produces great music, but also gives back to the community. After donating much of his own money to charity, Bassnectar figured out an interactive way for his fans to give back, as well. He came up with 'Dollar per Bass Head' where every dollar from ticket purchases will go towards helping out non profit organizations.

The exclusive footages and interviews that UKF were able to stitch together for this video is truly an eye-opener. It gives fans another reason to appreciate Bassnectar as an artist and an icon for all bass heads. Watch the video below: