Review: Dillon Francis at 9:30 Club in Washington DC
Dillon performed to a sold out crowd last Thursday night as part of his IDGAFOS tour

Dillon Francis took over 9:30 Club in Washington DC last Thursday night as he put on a hell of a show as part of his IDGAFOS (I Don’t Give a F*ck or Santa) tour. Kicking the night off was the LA based duo Gladiator and the rocking  Anamanaguchi. By the time Dillon got on stage, the crowd was warmed up and ready to go.

DJ Hanzel’s impressive opening in Chicago had fans ready and expecting deep house, but instead Dillon kicked things off for this show. The thing that stuck out most about his set was the multitude of new songs he played. The highlight had to be the one that he says was inspired by butter. Between his collaboration with DJ Snake, Get Low (When the Whistle Go), and his new song with Martin Garrix called Set Me Free, Dillon left his fans thirsty for more.

Something a little different about this performance was the large amount of hip hop and rap that Dillon decided to throw in. This received some mixed reactions. From "Say My Name" by Destiny's Child to R. Kelly’s "Ignition", Dillon was a little unpredictable. In the middle of the show, he gave a tribute to Paul Bäumer from the Bingo Players when he played Rattle and told the audience he was only going to play Bingo Players the rest of the night. This was an extremely touching moment of the night.

Just when fans were starting to get nervous that DJ Hanzel wasn’t going to make it, Dillon went off the stage with about 30 minutes left in his set. DJ Hanzel quickly emerged, glasses on and suited up. Laying down a good 15 minutes of that deep house, the crowd went wild for Dillon’s alter ego. Of course the short tempered Hanzel got frustrated that the crowd wasn’t going deep enough and eventually stomped off stage. Dillon took back over and closed the night with high energy and a heartfelt shout-out to Anamanaguchi and Gladiator.

With four LA shows left in the tour, Dillon is ready to finish strong as the holiday season gets ready to wrap up. Two of the four nights are already sold out, leaving tickets still available for Dec. 26 and 29. Be sure to get your tickets now before these also sell out.