Event Review: Benny Benassi @ Pacha on 12/21
The show was a part of Pacha's Eight Year Anniversary celebration

"Push me / and then just touch me / til I get my / satisfaction!"

 A crowd at NYC's Pacha Nightclub got some serious "Satisfaction" with Benny Benassi this past Saturday night! The show was a part of Pacha's Eight Year Anniversary, which featured a new artist every weekend in December. Iconic DJs like Cosmic Gate, Knife Party, and Fedde Le Grand participated throughout the month; a portion of proceeds go to Lifebeat, Music Fights HIV/AIDS. 

Entering Pacha was surreal, neon lights bathed the dark venue in a faint glow. Twinkles of light reflected the shiny, wrapped presents hanging from the ceiling. Hoards of people crowded inside and out of the venue. Pacha staff members tried frantically to accommodate as many guests as possible but were clearly overwhelmed by the turnout.  After maneuvering through hoards of clubgoers, the crowd finally broke; three floors of ravers lay ahead. The first floor was a sea of white and neon, masses of flailing bodies gyrating to the beat, as the bass shook the ground. The second floor was a balcony level that looked over the crowd and led to the DJ booth. Flanked by two rave bunnies, Benassi stood staring into the crowd playing hits old and new, while scantily clad girls in showers that were scattered throughout the venue, moved to the groove. The third floor was yet another party, jamming with DJ Santa Claus.

Benny played to an already amped-up audience, hyping them up even more with his smash hit, "Cinema (feat. Gary Go,)" off of his 2011 album, Electroman. Ravers sang their hearts out, chanting with B.B., “you are a cinema / I could watch you forever / action, thriller / I could watch you forever...” When the beat dropped, so did the audience, busting out in chaotic movement, obviously delighting a thrilled Benassi. Perhaps the best moment of the night was when Benny spun the track that started it all: "Satisfaction." The DJ simply lit up, relishing in the energy of such an enthusiastic audience, who, once again, knew every word. “Push me / and just touch me / til I get my / satisfaction!” They got their “satisfaction,” alright, Benassi has never been better!