A Pre-NYE's Bash with Major Lazer!
December 30


On the eve of New Year's Eve, Major Lazer performed the greatest show of 2013. We caught up with Major Lazer at their awesome Block Party event in Philadelphia back in July, but nothing can compare to their brilliant show at Pier 94 on Monday, December 30th. With DJ Vaega, DJ Snake, and Boys Noize opening the night, Major Lazer took over the stage at 1am and gave an amazing performance that has left 2013 untouchable!

Major Lazer consists of DJs Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire who always have the best time performing while they smile and dance along with their fans. The trio have been having the time of their lives touring all over the world, and they ended 2013 with the last Major Lazer show in the great city of New York. Wearing black suits, Major Lazer couldn't have chosen a better venue to perform at than the 133,000 square feet of Pier 94.

The venue was in the shape of a "T," with the stage coming down along the tip. A coat check area, food stands, bars, and an infamous "Twerk Wall" were inside throughout Pier 94. The huge stage was covered with incredible lighting and stage effects such as live footage from the show, marijuana leaves, the words MAJOR LAZER, flashing fluorescent light shows, Major Lazer's cartoon mascot, and of course, lasers! Behind the left side of the stage was a large blow up of the Rastafarian soldier Major Lazer mascot. Fog machines went off above and along the crowd, with two V.I.P. sections against both sides of the venue. Rastafarian colored confetti and balloon balls dropped during the set, combined with more lasers and fog machines made the atmosphere look incredible. During "Jah No Partial," the Major Lazer men took off their white button down shirts and spun them above their heads as Walshy Fire shouted and demanded, "I want everyone to take their shirts off right f*cking now!"

While Walshy Fire played the "Revolution" track, Jillionaire and Diplo danced on stage where Diplo said, "New York City let me see those hands! We are celebrating New Year's Eve with you tonight we don't give a f*ck if it's tomorrow." And we sure did have a glorious New Year's Eve celebration with them. Diplo waved the Major Lazer Flag while dancers Mela Murder and Lafayette danced their bubble butts off and threw 2014 Limited Edition Major Lazer money into the crowd along with mini confetti poppers. Major Lazer even announced their "special guest," none other than party girl Lindsay Lohan who was backstage donning a blue fitted hat during their set. And what's a Major Lazer show without Diplo crowd surfing in a clear plastic ball and ladies twerking on stage? The alluring show was full of energy and true bliss for the guests. The music of Major Lazer literally drags you in and your body cannot help but to dance and go wild. They kick off touring January 17th in New Zealand followed by festivals in Australia. We can expect more amazing and unique music from Major Lazer in 2014. Lazers never die!