Event Review: DATSIK and GZA at Best Buy Theater
The Digital Assassins Tour hits NYC with support from heRobust and Getter.

It wasn't the coldest night in New York City on Saturday, January 18th, but most people would have probably opted to bundle up and keep warm. On first glance at the line of concert goers that wrapped around the block from the Best Buy Theater entrance and down Broadway, you would have thought they didn't get the memo. The majority of people patiently waiting outside the venue maintained the type of dress code you'd expect at a summer festival, kept warm only by the anticipation and excitement of what the night had in store.

Doors at the venue opened at about 8:30pm, letting guests filter down the stairs into the general lobby area where coat check, merchandise tables, and a well stocked bar awaited them. The venue's actual theater is comprised of a massive stage flanked on either side by elevated VIP areas and a chandeliered ceiling, traditional theater seating in the rear, and two wide open floor spaces, both of which were packed to the brim by bandana wearing, kandi exchanging moshers and neon-clad hulahoopers alike by the end of the night.

As people steadily filed in and filled the room, Getter tested out the sound system before launching into his opening slot set at 8:45pm. Between the big dubstep drops expected of a Firepower family member, Getter amped up the crowd with trapped out edits of throwbacks like A Tribe Called Quest's 'Can I Kick It?' and Mike Jones' 'Still Tippin,' getting people in the mood for heRobust, who went on next.

With the taste of trap having only been hinted at, heRobust's 45 minute set had the whole crowd leaning and rocking as soon as his remix of Yolanda Be Cool's 'We No Speak Americano' started banging out of the speakers. The Atlanta native kept the vibe going with hip-hop heavy beats like his popular SMOG single, 'SHEKNOWSHEBAD,' and a devasating trap remix of Afrojack's 'Rock The House.' As his set progressed, the sound got louder, the bass got deeper, and the crowd got bigger. After heRobust had left the theater absolutely BUSTED, the crowd got a brief 15 minute break while the live band set up on stage.

Once the band started jamming out Sir Mix-A-Lot's 'Jump On It,' it was time for GZA's entrance. As his last stop on the tour, the crowd was expecting a big performance, and after being met by a room full of Wu-Tang W's held up high, the hip-hop legend did not disappoint. The Wu-Tang veteran broke out all of the classic tracks that true fans lived for, going back and forth with the crowd on lines from hits like 'C.R.E.A.M.' and 'Protect Ya Neck,' in between performing live versions of tracks from his Liquid Swords album.

There was another 15 minute break to let people come down from GZA's epic performance before the room went dark and DATSIK appeared in the center of his Vortex Lumen. As the brilliantly bright, colorful lights and ground-shaking sounds coming out of the vortex began to spin faster and faster, the entire crowd became swept up in the speaker-rattling bass that vibrated throughout everything and everyone in the room. The almost body-breaking power of the Vortex Lumen, impressively contained within the walls of the venue, was at its most devastating during DATSIK's remix of Doctor P's 'The Pit,' as well as for his original tracks 'Buckshot', 'Droid,' and 'Hold It Down.' In true crowd-pleasing style, DATSIK broke up his steady string of dubstep destruction with remixes of popular hip-hop hits like Dr. Dre's 'The Next Episode,' Luniz's 'I Got 5 On It,' and a hilariously epic edit of The Champs' 'Tequlia.'

By the time DATSIK was done, the room was swelteringly hot and everyone in attendance had looks of pure, bass-driven bliss on their faces from experiencing 4 straight hours of incredible performances in a spectacular venue. The Digital Assassins Tour, for lack of less cliche wording, absolutely killed it at the Best Buy Theater, and is a show you do not want to miss if and when it comes to your city.