Album Review: Too True
Joonbug reviews the soon to be released album from the Dum Dum Girls.


We might not know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootise Pop, and frankly, we shouldn’t care. What we should be more interested in, however, is that it apparently takes four ladies and three albums to sum up the Dum Dum Girls. Their most recent collection, Too True, off the Sub Pop records, is to be released in the United States January 28 2014. NPR streamed the album on their website on January 20 as a “First Listen” and you might have caught the single “Rimbaud Eyes” on Soundcloud.

With Dee Dee and Jules on guitar, Sandy on the drums, Malia on bass, and all the ladies on vocals, this LA- originated and now New York-based indie dream/noise pop and shoegaze band is a delightful mix of sounds you might have heard from a 1960’s girl group along with 1980’s synth tones.The ladies are sexy Goth and Ramones-esqe with French influences. While they have quite the impressive collection of original songs, Dee Dee loves her covers. Having grown up with the heavy influence of Elvis and Sinatra, thanks to her father, and Grace Slick from her mother’s side, she has a great appreciation for the classics and so enjoys paying homage to the Greats; including The Rolling Stones “Play With Fire,” Misfits “Last Caress,” and 1955 ballad (originally in French: “Je t’appartiens) “Let It Be Me.

 In an interview, Dee Dee once described her music as lending itself to be played at night, in a club somewhere versus at 3pm in direct sunlight. Too True follows suit. It is the perfect soundtrack to walking city streets on a rainy night.


Future tour dates:

January 30- Mercury Lounge

March 25- Bowery Ballroom

March 26- Music Hall of Williamsburg