Interview: Max Vangeli
Joonbug sits down with the up and coming DJ who has worked with both Tiesto and Steve Angello.
















Max Vangeli is a force to be reckoned with. Whether he’s climbing the dance charts with a signature remix  of Ellie Goulding or Switchfoot, working with fellow DJs Tiesto or Steve Angello on a hot new club anthem, or jet setting around the globe from venue to venue, there’s always an elemental passion to every aspect of his persona. We recently had the chance to connect with Max via email to get some thoughts on his new single/collaboration with Danny Ray, “Grim”, which he just released January 27th on SIZE records, what kind of song inspires a remix & why he just can’t get enough of the road.

How did the collaboration with Danny Ray arise?
Danny has been a friend of mine for years and we finally just came up with an idea together and ran with it.  It was a very smooth collaboration and I’m very happy with the outcome!

The new single “Grim” has a great, hard hitting vibe. Any specific influences that inspired it?
Well, we really wanted to do something dope on the breakdown, something different and unique and I think we achieved that with the chanting.  It’s actually grandmas chanting haha. I’d say thats original.

Are there any musical influences you have that you believe your fans would be surprised to find out about?
Yes, I play the piano and the guitar, all self taught which I am very proud of. Actually, its crazy how much you can learn if you put your mind to it.

You’ve have a strong share of collaborators such as AN21 & Steve Angello, do you prefer
collaboration to working “solo”? 
I prefer both actually.  What I like about solo work is that it clears your head a bit and lets you be more free minded and not really forced into anything specific.  But sometimes I love getting help and direction on records. Both things are great at the right moments.

Any plans for a follow up to the People of the Night LP with AN21 in the works?
Not at the moment, but you never know. Sky is the limit.

With great anthemic remixes of songs by Switchfoot & Ellie Goulding to name a few, what
draws you into wanting to remix/reinterpret another artist’s song?
I only remix things that are original and unique.  People always ask me why I don't pick up more remix jobs, and I always say what is the point of making a record better if it doesn't need it.  If I do a remix, I want an amazing record to be even more amazing.  And on the flip side, I’m not a magician so I can't turn a shitty record into something special either.

Is there an artist you’d love to collaborate with or produce?
Yeah there are so many.  But definitely someone outside of the EDM scene.  I love Prodigy and have always loved them, so that would definitely be on my bucket list.


You’ve done extensive touring in America & overseas. Is there a favorite venue of yours or host
of venues you love to play?
Oh so so many.  I have definitely been doing a lot of shows in North America and I love that market so much!  Canada is an amazing country as well as the US…  But you know the big ones of course, Miami, NY, Toronto, LA, Vegas etc.

Given your nature of constant touring, do you feel more at home on the road?
100%.  I can't order room service at home (laughs)
Any plans for another world tour in the near future?
I’m always world touring (laughs).