Carnage & The Chipotle Gang Return To NYC
On March 15th Carnage & the Chipotle Gang are taking over Terminal 5

New York, if you’ve never gotten a chance to be part of the madness that is a Carnage show, or if you’re a diehard member of the Chipotle Gang, March 15th is your chance to rage with one of the biggest DJ’s on the scene at Terminal 5. Tickets go on sale Friday at Noon on Ticketmaster and it is HIGHLY recommended that you snatch up tickets quickly as social media is already buzzing with Carnage fans rounding up their crews to attend. Some lucky fans have even gotten a jump start and used a presale code to buy tickets before the general public on Friday.

This is a show NYC does not want to miss. Carnage shows are known to be some of the wildest, craziest and energetic shows in the EDM and Trap scene. Carnage is known to blend the two worlds flawlessly, mixing in bang after banger, using his incredible mic skills to get the crowd riled up and ready to rage.  From Hip Hop heads to House music lovers, the Chipotle Gang is as diverse a fan base as you will find on the scene due to Carnage’s amazing versatility. NY might even get blessed with some new tracks as Carnage has been locked in the studio working on his new album, recently being seen working on a track with Morgan Page.

March 15th has the potential to be one of the top 5 shows in NYC this year. Terminal 5 is the perfect venue for the Chipotle Gang to enjoy the madness that is the king gordo himself, DJ Carnage.  Don’t miss out on what is sure to be a wild night at Terminal 5. Also be on the lookout for the new Carnage album which promises to have a ton of amazing festival tracks and his new documentary to be released around the same time.