The Chainsmokers Drop Their Official Music Video For '#SELFIE'
Watch The Chainsmokers latest music video for #SELFIE here.

What's in a #SELFIE? A selfie requires an individual to turn their camera phones inward so that an upclose and personal photo of one's face is captured. New York natives, Alex and Drew, make up the duo known as, The Chainsmokers, and they're coming at you in a massive way with a new banger. 

Appropriately titled, '#SELFIE,' their first ever original track was released with Dim Mak Records. Now these guys are taking what began as a joke into a concept that has swept our nation, selfies and EDM. The official music video for this track is a combination of fan-submitted #Selfies and shoots done with models. They also feature celebrity selfies in their compilation, as well, including ones of David Hasselhof, NERVO and Snoop Dogg

The concept of this music video is hilarious and relevant to what our social-media-driven generation exudes today, so make sure to watch their catchy new single below!