Afrojack To Debut New Single Alongside Bud Light's 'Cool Twist' Advertisement
Grammy Award-winning producer, Afrojack, is teaming up with America's best selling beer, Bud Light!














The upcoming Super Bowl XLVIII is so near that people can hardly contain their excitements anymore. It's also the perfect time for America's favorite pastime activities, like beer and food, to be blown up into huge ad campaigns for a coveted feature as a Super Bowl endorsed commercial. America's best selling beer, Bud Light, didn't miss a beat in taking their Super Bowl commercial to the next level amongst competitors.

What they managed to accomplish was so great in execution and the timing couldn't have been more perfect. Bud Light sought after Grammy Award-winning DJ and producer, Afrojack, for the new 'Cool Twist' advertisement, just in time for the Super Bowl. Bud Light's latest Cool Twist aluminum bottle will debut for the first time on Super Bowl Sunday with the self-titled TV commercial, "Cool Twist." This commercial will also be the world premiere to Afrojack's new single, "Ten Feet Tall," featuring Wrabel.

Vice President of Bud Light, Rob McCarthy, says that "Afrojack has an uncanny ability to reimagine the status quo, and that skill made him the ideal partner to help debut our new Bud Light Cool Twist reclosable bottle," which is all very indicative of the mass success Afrojack is able to achieve. 

What does Afrojack have to say about this huge opportunity? He expresses, "The Super Bowl is one the biggest events of the year and its awesome my new single will be premiered here alongside Bud Light. I'm super pumped."

There will also be a unique, interactive opportunity for the fans. During and after the airing of this commerical, up to 500,000 fans of ages 21 and older who use Shazam can access a free download to "Ten Feet Tall" courtesy of Bud Light. The official release of both the Cool Twist bottle and the single, "Ten Feet Tall" will be available nationally on February 3rd.

So who's ready for Super Bowl XLVIII? It's becoming the premiere opportunity for exposure to all the hottest dance music producers this year!