Listen to Kayper 'Out My Mind' (Remixes)
Featuring remixes by His Majesty Andre, Bixel Boys, and Wuki.

It's impossible to not get Kayper's 'Out My Mind' stuck in your head, what with its warm, inviting synths, hypnotic vocals, and steadily thumping beat working their way so deep into your brain, you might go insane if it wasn't so good. It's a house heavy hit worthy of nothing but the best treatment, which is exactly what His Majesty AndreBixel Boys, and Wuki gave it when Main Course reached out to them for remixes.

His Majesty Andre's remix pumps the track with enough royal swagger to blow the roof off of any grand ballroom, brightening up the vocals and working them in between the bold piano chords that carry the uptempo beat along.

"Booty tech"-nician Wuki injects his signature bass line grooves into his remix of 'Out My Mind,' turning the track into a dark mixture of classic electro and big, bouncy beats over a steady rocking click track and the occasional phasers thrown in for good measure.

The Bixel Boysremix revamps the original beat with more dramatic percussion and spacey, thrumming builds, leading into big kicks and a deep, practically hypnotic rhythm guaranteed to make you go out of your mind.

Listen to the original mix of Kayper's 'Out My Mind,' and all three remixes, below. The original and remixes are available online now on Beatportand will be available on iTunes February 18th through Main Course.