Listen to Dillon Francis & DJ Snake 'Get Low'
Get low when the whistle blows.

Getting low is an art form, one that Dillon Francis and DJ Snake have absolutely mastered. A legend in the realm of moombaton, Dillon Francis knows exactly what it takes to get your body moving, and DJ Snake is no stranger to banging out beats that'll have you winding your waist like a snake either. Combining DJ Snake's 'Turn Down For What' attitude with the 'Masta Blasta' himself could only lead to one thing, and that is to 'Get Low.'

Taking a cue from it's own title, 'Get Low' gets down and dirty with a deep vocal loop that steadily gets louder and louder, while telling you to get lower and lower, until the whistle starts to blow and the seductive, almost Arabic beat makes you want to dance like a snake to the song of it's charmer.

DJ Snake, known best for 'Bird Machine' and his collaboration with Lil Jon, has become a big name in the scene recently, and shows no signs of slowing down with collaborations with Diplo and Mercer pending release. Also looking to claim 2014 as his own, Dillon Francis has almost finished new album due out this year according to Facebook, that will hopefully help restore moombaton back to its former glory, and if 'Get Low' is any indication of what's in store, assume that the genre will be back with a vengeance.

Listen to Dillon Francis and DJ Snake's new single below, available now on Beatport and iTunes.