Miami Brings Deadmau5 Back To Life
In the words of Joel himself, "Miami has redeemed itself."


Saturday, February 15th marked a very special event as Deadmau5 generously returned to Miami for a performance that will go down in history.

Following a New Year's Day performance gone wrong at Mansion Nightclub, Deadmau5 publicized his anger on Twitter in early January, writing, “Putting fans in the back and trust fund kids up front is fucking stupid as fuck...I’d rather rent a venue, parking lot, or beachfront and do it right.” It was due to the poor crowd that Mansion had attracted that led to Joel Zimmerman's daring threat that he wouldn't "be playing any more Miami clubs." Despite this, the mau5 was quick to rescind his bitter feelings toward Miami nightlife when at the end of January, he announced plans to put on a free show at Miami's Ice Palace- a 60,000 square foot studio and warehouse. 


The event would not have been possible without Club Space, one of Miami's most prided venues. Shortly after taking to Twitter to express his disapproval, Deadmau5 was invited by Space to perform once again, but in a different setting. In an open letter to Joel, Space offered to sponsor a free show in order to allow fans to see him the right way. On top of that, the $1 processing fee charged to all of the tickets went directly to Miami Children’s Hospital. The venue quickly reached capacity at 4,000 people, and at 1 a.m. deadmau5 took the stage. No one ever expected what the next four hours would bring. 

Rumored to only play for 90 minutes, Deadmau5 took his fans by surprise when he played for not 90 minutes, but four hours. The journey he took everyone on was incredible. Playing all the favorite Deadmau5 classics like "Ghosts n Stuff," "Some Chords" and "Raise Your Weapon", he also threw in some beautiful new tunes that will perhaps be featured on his two-disc album on Astralwerks, proposed to be released in "March-ish."

Saturday's performance was without a doubt something that you don't see every day and probably won't see again for a while. The fans were overwhelmed with joy, and the mau5 even seemed to enjoy himself. He joyously ended the night tweeting, "Miami has redeemed itself. Yay! Good times!"


Until next time, Deadmau5. Miami and your fans thank you.