The Glitch Mob 'Love Death Immortality' Review
“If our last album was introverted, then the new one is definitely extroverted,” - Justin Boreta.

The Glitch Mob's sophomore album, Love Death Immortality, truly showcases how much the band has grown since their debut full-length album, Drink The Sea, in 2010. Released on their own Glass Air label, Love Death Immortality walks the tight rope between light and dark, playing both sides perfectly against one another in a tug of war between infatuating melodic leads and deadly bass line rhythms that transcend what everyone else in the electronic music scene is doing.

Everything about Love Death Immortality is steeped in the unique approach the band, consisting of Justin Boreta, Ed Ma aka edIT, and Joshua Mayer aka Ooah, takes to producing their brand of bass rock, an approach centered around The Glitch Mob's unparalleled live performance.  It is also heralded by what Ed Ma calls the "glory lead"--a soaring synth sound that marks each track with its sonic signature-- proof of their progression as an iconic band in the increasingly commercial era of dance and electronic music. From start to finish, this 10-track album screams of The Glitch Mob's pure instrumental essence and flare for dramatic productions that allude to both how much of an aural voyage the album is, and how much of a stunning live show it will be when the band takes their new stage production, courtesy of Martin Phillips of the Bionic League, on the road in March.

Love Death Immortality opens with the distorted sound of a guitar in 'Mind Of A Beast,' the massive first track setting the bar high for every track that follows, providing the first tastes of The Glitch Mob's signature "glory lead," as it flies high above feverish keyboard scales and a devastating drum beat of deep breakdowns and dizzying fills. 'Our Demons,' which features the infectious vocals of Aja Volkman, is the first of the album's purposely chosen female-only vocal collaborations, with sharp bass lines and a marching tempo that add to the drama of her powerful voice. 'Skullclub,' perfectly showcases The Glitch Mob's rhythmic versatility,  building ominously into a heavily pulsating beat, torn to pieces by viciously precise side chained synth work.

The only lull in the album, if you can even call it that, is during 'Becoming Harmonious,' which features Metal Mother's sinister yet alluring vocals over the track's eerily melodic groove, making for beautifully contrasting moments of heavenly bliss and devilish delight and bridging effortlessly into the album's popular single, 'Can't Kill Us.' With their electric rock & roll swagger, The Glitch Mob lay down shredding bass, crisp leads, and crushing drums in 'Can't Kill Us,' a track definitive of where they've been and where they're going with their music.

Aja Volkman makes a second appearance on the album in the disco-dance track 'I Need My Memory Back,' where her voice is sings alongside a funky synth line and steadily drumming beat that drives the song along into one of the album's best tracks, 'Skytoucher.' Both beginning and ending with incredibly cinematic keyboard chords, 'Skytoucher' is a fantastic roller coaster ride of soaring "glory lead" highs and dramatic bass breakdown lows, a track destined to see hands raised high when The Glitch Mob performs it live.

'Fly By Night Only' re-establishes the body moving dance beat that 'I Need My Memory Back' started, this time with help from Yaarrohs, slowing things down just enough to groove to in the midst of the relentless intensity of Love Death Immortality, before jumping back into the fray with 'Carry The Sun,' another big beat tune like 'Skullclub,' but with brighter sounds and vocal samples over crunchier instrumentation.

The album closes with 'Beauty Of The Unhidden Heart,' a soft-spoken track graced by the ethereal voices of Sister Crayon and evoking the feeling that The Glitch Mob have bared it all on Love Death Immortality, making listeners feel the full weight of everything that this sophomore album is to them. This album is without a doubt one that should be listened to from start to finish, which you can do below along with watching the accompanying visuals. After one listen, you'll love this album, your fear for the future of electronic music with be dead, and the sounds of The Glitch Mob will live on forever in your head.

The Glitch Mob's Love Death Immortality is out now and available via iTunes, Beatport, Amazon, and Spotify. The album debuts at  #13 on Billboard's top 200 chart today!