Listen To Ellie Goulding's New Collaboration With Skrillex 'Because'
Everything these two touch is gold.

With love having been so recently in the air, Ellie Goulding decided she would spread the love with an exclusive "Goodnight Valentine" mix for Annie Mac Presents Free Music Mondays. The almost hour long mix contains a variety of sexy and sultry hip-hop, R&B, and electronica. Tracks include everything from Mariah Carey to James Blake to Big Sean to The Weeknd, all hand picked and mixed by Ellie Goulding herself. What stood out most from this mix was the very last track, 'Because,' her latest collaboration with Skrillex.

Having been premiered in this mix, 'Because' was a pleasant surprise to fans of both artists alike, especially given their previously successful collaboration, 'Summit.' As with their earlier work together, 'Because' is a gentle track, laced with high and low pitched clips of Ellie Goulding's vocals over soft percussion and a lofty melody, a song that contrasts Skrillex's monster dubstep sound nicely.

You can listen to 'Because' below, or check out Ellie Goulding's "Goodnight Valentine" mix if you don't mind waiting until the end to hear the track as it was premiered.