Snoop Thinks Buzz Aldrin is "Gangsta"
"Rocket Experience" music video features Buzz Aldrin

In a collaboration that is sure to rock the hip hop world, Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli teamed up with Doc Rendezvous, aka former astronaut and second man on moon, Buzz Aldrin. In the music video for “Rocket Experience” poster on funnyordie.com, Aldrin assures us that he will “be our uide to go flying into outer space.” A portion of the proceeds from the track’s sales go towards supporting organizations such as the National Space Society.

In a tongue-in-cheek “making of” video, the MIT and West Point alum explains that he has “only two passions: space exploration and hip hop,” and assures Kweli that he does not “have any beef with the earthwalkers.” Praise is lauded upon Aldrin by big names such as Quincy Jones and Soulja Boy, who named Aldrin as his biggest influence, while Kweli asserted his belief that “Buzz Aldrin is so gansta!” We can only hope to hear more from Doc Rendezvous in the near future.

And yes. This is real.