Aqua Teen Holiday Force
Cybernetic carols of Christmas past...from the future!

If I were to announce the release of every Christmas album that will be coming out this year, the amassing levels of “holiday spirit” would have a drastic effect on my liver as I would have no choice but to reach out to other types of “spirits” to drown my disgust at the horribly over-commercialized holiday season. But, there is one album coming out this year that definitely won’t have me wrapping a garland noose around my neck. This season, I will be filling my habitually pessimistic holiday with the pomp of Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas.

The characters of the widely popular Adult Swim program have put together an album that takes a stab at the banality of traditional holiday songs. Join Meatwad, Master Shake, Frylock, Carl, and others as they sing their own versions of classic carols filled with their own lack of moral character and conscience. Strangers will definitely inch away from you on the subway as you croon along to tunes like “I Sure Hope I Don’t Have to Beat Your Ass This Christmas,” the highly suggestive “Jingle Bells Deep,” the self-loving revelation of “I’ll Be Home for Christmas,” and the extra special duet between Meatwad and Anti records recording artist, Neko Case, “Santa Left a Booger In My Stocking.”

Have Yourself a Meaty Little Christmas will surely make for an interesting Christmas season rivaling that time when great-aunt Ginny had that “episode” a took off all her clothes while visiting Santa at the mall. This album is the perfect accompaniment to nights of egg-nog fueled drunk-dials to high school acquaintances in an effort to tell them how much you hate them, want to bang them, or both. Indeed, this is one Christmas album that will have you singing, “Oh, holy…to-NIGHT!