New Pixies Shoes From Vans
Alt-rock band among long list of artist inspired sneakers.

Vans Shoes has released two new styles of artist-inspired kicks featuring the alternative/indie band The Pixies. The custom shoes feature an image of a considerably younger Black Francis slumped dazedly on the floor under the phrase “Death to the Pixies.” In typical Vans fashion, the image is featured on two of the skate shoe manufacturer's classic styles; the laceless slip-on and the “Sk8-hi” hi-top.

These stripped down styles of traditional Vans are common to the company’s pattern of honoring certain artists. Among the list of bands featured in their catalog, fans of Iron Maiden, Kiss, Mastodon, and Killswitch Engage can all find a set of skins in which to show their devotion. While immediately available by direct order from the Vans website, these bands are among a varied list of artists to have their likenesses emblazoned on the waffle-sole. Experienced ebay-ers and web-surfers can find Vans models of Johnny Ramone, Slayer, Bad Brains, Rise Against, and Norwegian death-metal band Dimmu Borgir, among others (although, the Dimmu-shoe might be a little harder to find since there was only one pair ever made).

Serious sneaker-philes know that the market for musician-endorsed shoes doesn’t end with Vans. A little research into your favorite artists can reveal a number of different foot-flare opportunities. Converse is, perhaps, the biggest supporter of music-inspired shoes with models from ACDC, Metallica, the Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, the Doors, Ozzy Osborne, and even hip-hopper Lupe Fiasco. Speaking of hip-hop sneakers, if you’re afraid of messing up those white Adidas classics with the laces taken out ala Run DMC, you can show your appreciation with a pair of Jam Master Jay tributes, custom Missy Elliot colorways, or even the hard to find Redman kicks made for his debut album Whut? Thee Album. Although they tend to focus more on color variants with regards to their own styles, Nike has shoes for Dinosaur Jr., House of Pain, or, if talking fast food is more your style, a pair by Adult Swim mainstay Aqua Teen Hunger Force.

While some these custom skins require significant effort and serious funding to acquire, the Pixies kicks are available now at a relatively moderate price. The indie duo No Age, who are currently touring with The Pixies, have their own shoe from Emerica skate shoes. Whichever style you decide to wear to their concerts (or both: one on each foot) remember that nobody will be able to see your fanaticism, that is, unless you attempt to handstand whilst in the pit.