The Dirty South Meets the Hipster Hustle
Atlanta rap remix project through Adult Swim and Rockstar Games.

Can’t decide whether you are a neon-wearing, Nike-polishing, flat-billing, “durty-Sout'” player or a Ray-Ban wearing, skinny-jean cramping, porno-stache sporting, experimental-indie hipster? Well, if you are on-the-ball enough to follow the unlikely quandary I just proposed, put down your “crackberry,” flick those stubby little fingers across your computer keyboard and head over to the Adult Swim website. In their music subcategory, you will find ATL RMX, a specially commissioned album by the Rockstar Games and Timbaland Beaterator music remix video game.

As the title may indicate, each track on the album is a remix of songs by various southern drawl spitting Atlanta rappers by some of the most eclectic and experimental remix artists in modern music. Original tracks from Young Jeezy, Lil Jon, Gucci Mane, and Hollyweerd get the proverbial “chop-cut-screw” from remix specialists the likes of Flying Lotus, Phaseone, Dam-Funk, and El-P. Even if you hold a greater affinity for the rap artist over the remix specialist, or visa-versa, the commingling of these unique musical styles is something worth listening to, especially if you are familiar with both artists on the track.

This very enigmatic project is being headed by Williams Street records, who are less of a sales oriented label and more of an “ars gratia artis” (art for art’s sake) company, and the Beaterator video game which was released for Playstation gaming systems in September 2009 and as an iPhone/iPod app in December (a flash version of the program has been available on the internet since 2005 but was never officially released commercially as a music mixing program). The game allows users to create original tracks by manipulating production samples, loops, and vocal tracks into imaginative user-generated compositions, which can then be shared online in Beaterator “Social Clubs.” Two tracks from ATL RMX, Goodie Mob’s “Is That You God? (Dabrye remix)” and Cee Lo and the Good Time Guys’ “Hello Miss (XXXChange remix),” can be uploaded to the Beaterator game and users can manipulate the tracks to their heart’s content.

With everything that has been mentioned about ATL RMX, there is one thing that makes this album just that much cooler than anything else on the market today. Much like a number of other projects put out by Williams Street records, the entire album is available for free on the adultswim.com website. Don’t bother letting the iTunes Genius choose music to expand your musical horizons. Aural exploration is only a click away.