Amanda Blank at Santos Party House
Girl power at its finest

You can add Amanda Blank to the list of badass chicks I'm obsessed with.

It's no secret that I'm big fan of girl power in the music industry, so it's unfortunate that when I hear the words "white female rapper," my mind immediately thinks the act must be gimmicky.  But Blank is no gimmick.  This girl is for real.  At Santos Party House on Friday night, Blank put all my preconceived notions to shame with her undeniable talent as a rapper.  She can spit as good as any of the boys, though I doubt any of her male contemporaries would look as good in a tiger-print teddy and sequined bra.

Blank's high energy set was disappointingly short but the quality of the performance made up for the short length.  After her DJ claimed she rode into town from Philly on the Chinatown bus, Blank launched into a slew of crowd favorites off her debut album I Love You.  She was joined by opening act Maluca for "Make It Take It" and achieved an impressive slow-rising buildup on the single "Might Like You Better."  She ended with a cover of LL Cool J's "I Need Love" (titled "A Love Song" on her album) that also sampled Santigold's "I'm A Lady."  The crowd practically begged for an encore and Blank returned to the stage after only a brief retreat.  Earlier in the show, Blank jokingly claimed that she "only sings in the studio," but "Leaving You Behind" revealed a beautiful and relaxed voice that she has no reason to be ashamed of.

The opening act Maluca was an impressive rapper/singer that called to mind a rawer Rihanna.  Her hair hung in a long black braid and she wore Daft Punk-like sunglasses as she performed her own brand of salsa/hip hop that incorporated Spanish lyrics, Jimi Hendrix samples, and dancers that reminded me of video game characters. 

Overall, MeanRed built a show that was completely enjoyable and full of female fierceness.  Both Amanda Blank and Maluca have a new fan in me.  And all of my friends that will reap the benefit of hearing me sing their praises.