M.I.A.: MAYA…Joonbug’s Review
M.I.A.’s latest is a politically charged dance party.

M.I.A.’s new album MAYA sounds like an ambulance tearing through an Indian nightclub- it’s pretty cool. In the songs, M.I.A. imagines a numb and robotic America where the “iPhone connects you to the Internet connects you to the Google connects you to the government.”

She succeeds with a blend of tribal drums, industrial-electro effects, and the same detached vocal delivery she hooked us with in “Paper Planes” last year. She fails when the bold beats become a force too loud for her voice- “Teqkilla” devolves into a confusing dance freak out for a whopping 6:20, and the lyrics are forgotten. Though as she bleats in the most sing-able song of the album, “It iz what it iz.” It is a relentless electronic romp through M.I.A.’s bleak but not-too-serious vision of the future. Check out “The Message,” “Lovalot,” and “Born Free.”

Our grade: 3.5/5 Ladybugs