Erika's Secrets From the DJ Booth
Taking Down the Guards At Marquee

Sunday’s event at Marquee was sweet and sexy. A private celebration of different lingerie apparel companies and stores hosted by Intima Magazine. When I was booked to DJ, I thought the event was going to be a little naughty. Oddly enough it was probably one of the most sophisticated crowds I have DJd for in a long time. The majority of the guests were women of all ages and they all had a lot of class. From Chanel suits to Cartier watches, even some of their bras were 'blinged out.'

I do love spinning at Marquee as they have one of the best DJ rigs in town. I started the first hour with cocktail music: Buddha bar, Café Del Mar etc. I do like this type of music but after a while it can get a little boring. Fortunately I was able to spice things up a bit, and completely change the vibe. By the end of the night everyone had loosened their girdles and were getting busy. My favorite moment was when I got away with playing Cyndi Lauper’s 'Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.' I didn’t just get away with it, this song was actually the catalyst that brought everyone from the lounge floor onto the dance floor. The title says it all, and to be honest, this song just happens to be one of my bathroom mirror anthems.