Lollapalooza: Friday Recap
This Festival Pretty Much Just Rocks!

Completely pumped for this festival, Lollapalooza managed to blow me away.  Not only with the talent they had this year, but as an event planner, I was even more impressed with the set-up and operations they had in place.  If you missed our live Tweets from the festival here are some tasty tidbits from the weekend.  Catch us tomorrow for Saturday's recap:


We arrived in Chicago around 7am from New York, took a nap, and proceeded to the event around 4pm.  Other than grabbing my media pass (which was like a mile away from the entrance) I was immediately impressed. 

Getting in was quick and simple.  Information booths were available and the weekend guides came with 40 FREE downloads from iTunes.  Sweet start alreadyThere were bars a'plenty, obviously a festival staple.  You didn’t have to wait longer than five minutes to get a drink at anytime.  They had water stations throughout the park.  Totally genius.  Not only do you save money on water bottles, you are also creating less waste throughout the three days.  Way to be green Lolla!  There was a huge "green scene" at the festival which I appreciated.  The recycling at all the trashcans, Green Market, and the water filling stations made it apparent that this festival was trying to reduce its carbon footprint.

Now for the music, here are our awards for the shows we saw:

The New PornographersAward for Best Start of Our Festival.  I am a fan of this band and they put on a great first day show. I definitely see them getting big soon!

The Black Keys: Award for Rocking my Face Off.  We thought this was the best performance of the weekend.  I saw them a week before at Central Park Summer Stage and was impressed, and this performance was shockingly electric.  They play with so much passion, it is incredible.  Cannot wait to see them at ACL.  If you haven’t checked them out, I suggest you do before they get too big to see at a smaller venue, and you are just another person on the bandwagon.

Chromeo: Wish I Would Have Watched Closer Instead of Waiting on Gaga Award.  We grabbed a spot at the stage across the way for Gaga, but since Lolla has ridic sound we could hear them perfectly from where we were.  After Gaga’s insane performance I wish I was in the mix up front for this one.  They are so fun!

Lady Gaga: Award for Giving Me Nightmares, While Still Putting On a Great Show.  Ok, so who doesn’t like the Gaga, obviously she is a cultural icon already, but I have a whole different opinion of this girl after her show.  When she actually was singing (sings amazing live btw) and performing, I thoroughly enjoyed it.  However, when she was ranting, talking about taking your soul, crying (3 times before I ditched), awkwardly dancing with her DJ, Lady Starlight and all the other strange stage moments I was convinced there was going to be a riot at some point in the performance.  I don’t know about you but I go to see music at a show, not rants.  Glad I got to see it once, doubt I'll ever bother with that one again.  Cool stage set up though. 

The Strokes: The Thank God they Were Still Playing And I Got to End my Day with a Good Show Award.  After we ditch the Gags we booked it across the mile of Grant Park to Catch the end of The Strokes.  They put on a fabulous show as always and we got to get in all the Stroke goodies at the end. 

Day 1 Festie Approved!