Dragonette and Shy Child at the Middle East Downstairs.
Half British, Half Canadian electropop group, Dragonette joins up with New York City’s Shy Child at the Middle East Downstairs on Thursday August 12, 2010.

Dragonette is an awful lot of fun to listen to, and Bostonians have the great fortune of seeing them perform live at The Middle East Downstairs Thursday night alongside Shy Child. The two bands combine to make for a fun night of electropop that has been catching on in commercial radio as of late (think Katy Perry). The female vocals are extremely approachable, while bringing a certain level of poignancy that is sorely lacking on the airwaves. Their music is so catchy; their vocals are so spot on, this should be a show that will be enjoyed by all fans of all different types of music.

Shy Child is touring with Dragonette, and bringing exactly what one should expect from an opening band. Their sounds and styles are very similar, but since they are only a two piece, they rely more heavily on sound engineers and technology to achieve that electropop sound. This different dynamic makes for a different energy level on stage, segueing into the headlining act perfectly. These New York City denizens are already gaining notoriety and have been actively touring The U.S., South America, Europe, and Japan. This may be the last time to check them out for a while, as they will continue on with tour with Dragonette to Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom Friday night, and continue on down the East Coast.

Tickets are going for $12.00, doors open at 8:00pm. The Middle East is located on Mass. Ave. in Central Square, Cambridge. Both bands are out promoting new albums, and since this is the first stop on their week-long tour, expect some great energy and great excitement from both performances.