Lollapalooza: Saturday Recap
Even more Festie Goodness for you!

Here is what we loved most about Saturday at Lollapalooza 2010.  I wish I was still there!

In addition to the green scene at Grant Park, there were some really cool sponsorship and brand presence situations in the mix.  Toyota was giving away cold bandanas and headbands (much needed with the hot temperatures).  They always had a line to their tent, which I’m sure got them some good exposure.  Another great sponsor was the water filling stations; I know I spent a lot of time here.  AOL provided free WiFi, for those of us working during the festival, this was clutch.  A fun one was the Q101 Hammock Station, where you could actually take a break and lay in the hammocks for a bit.  It’s always enjoyable to see brands and companies giving out products and services that are super beneficial to the festival goer.  Giving a consumer something they can really use during the weekend is really going to stand out for marketing purposes.

Now for the Saturday Music Awards:

The XX: Award for Most Unexpected Bad Ass Performance.  Wow, with the XX being a more low key type of music I was utterly blown away by how amazing they are live. Completely upbeat and almost CD quality.  A MUST SEE.  The best part was during the last song “Infinity.” Oliver did this insane solo on a cymbal with some sort of mallet thing.

Metric: Award for Damn That Girl Sings Well.  We caught Metric from across the way as we got ready for Spoon, but still the performance was really good, and the lead singer Emily Haines has an incredible voice.  Wish we would have gone over to the stage to see it up close, but we had to sit down at some point.

Spoon: Award for Never Letting Kids from Austin Down.  Now I have been rocking to Spoon for some time as they are from Austin and I went to college in Austin.  They are still rocking out and put on a great show.

Cut Copy: Award for Band I am Most Sad  I Missed.  So bummed we missed this one, but were heading across the park to catch Green Day.

Greenday:  Award for Knowing How to Put On a Show/Crowd Management Award:  Anyone who plans on putting on a show needs to take some notes from these seasoned veterans.  The entire show was unbelievable from the start.  First Billie Joe brings up pretty much the youngest fan there who could speak onto the stage.  She did a little singing. 

Then they brought up about 15 people who were standing in the front.  You could tell they were #1 fans, one he even said was “2000 light-years away” after she tried to kiss him.  In addition to the fireworks, awesome lighting, and cool back drops, they bring up a guy who sang all the words to Longview.  Billie Joe then gave him his guitar and signed it during the performance.  Now my friends and my theme for the weekend was Crowd Management after one of my friends got an email from her Dad on the way there titled such warning us of what may happen during the festival.  It was so cute. We then quoted it all weekend.  They get the Crowd Management Award (which is the most coveted award I can give) because the entire crowd was involved and singing at the top of their lungs the entire time, even to classic songs that aren’t theirs. 

Day 2 Festie Approved!!

Stay tuned for our final installment tomorrow.