Lollapalooza: Sunday Recap
I shall miss you Lolla!

The Sunday Snapshot:

The festival set-up, sound and acoustics, as well as operations were extremely professional.  It's obvious they have done this before. I loved how they had two stages by each other with back-to-back shows.  I parked it at the Budweiser/Playstation stages for most of the weekend due to the line up, but it was incredible to see 10,000 people stacked to see the headliners on the BMI stage.  Kudos Lolla.

Sunday Musical Delights & Awards:

Chiddy Bang: Award for Band Best Listened on a CD. I was personally pumped to see Chiddy play.  My friends produce their music videos and I have been rocking to their cool remixes/raps for a bit now.  Think, Girl Talk meets Drake for their vibe.  I was sadly disappointed in the live bit, but I still like them a lot.  But the electronic Perry’s stage was a sick addition to the festival.  We would be visiting again.

MUTEMATH:  Award for Best Chill Time Music.  MUTEMATH is pretty chill rock music.  We enjoyed Paul Meany’s smooth voice while we sat and chilled out waiting for MGMT to start.

MGMT:  Award for Why Are You Allowed to Play Live?  So I gave the MGMT a second chance this year as some of my crew hadn’t seen them live.  They practically ruined my festie experience last year at All Points West.  Well after a year, and no new music to be excited about, it was the most uninspired performance I have ever seen.  I made my friends leave as to not waste our precious festival time and money.  So glad we ditched.  I think it is time for MGMT to break up.

Flosstradamus: Award for Most Bad Ass Visuals!  OMG not only is Flosstradamus a sick DJ group they have a ridiculous video set to go with it.  I was cracking up at their mix of awesomely bad 80’s, 90’s, work out, you name it, it was mixed in somewhere montages.  Definitely our most unexpected sick performance.  Thank you Lolla for the Perry’s stage.   So much fun.

Arcade Fire: Award for How Does all 50 Members of Your Band Know How to Play Every Instrument? Crowd Management Runner Up Award:  Mesmerizing is the only word to describe the final performance.  This was my first Arcade Fire performance and I was not disappointed at all.  Seriously they are the most ambidextrous band I have ever seen.  There are seriously made up of about 15 people and they just jumped from instrument to instrument to vocals.  They are so into the performance as well.  Completely breathtaking to see someone so in love with what they do anytime.  They get the Crowd Management Runner Up for their performance of ‘Wake Up’ where 1000’s of us were definitely singing along and just a great overall performance in general.  Check it here.

So sad the weekend is over, but I have ACL to look forward to and a whole new festie line-up for 2011.   Keep up with Joonbug’s Frequency Blog for up to date artist, band, festival, and concert coverage.  Keep on rocking festies!!

Lollapalooza: Festie Approved!!