DJ Vitale: From Brooklyn To Tokyo
Check out a Joonbug exclusive with one of the world's hottest DJs.

Check out our exclusive interview with New York's DJ Vitale.  As an international nightlife sensation, Vitale has played some of the hottest rooms in the world. From The Limelight and Palladium in New York to Feria in Tokyo, DJ Vitale has become a worldwide label and spins the best sounds from city to city.  DJ Vitale sat down with us to talk about where he came from and where he is now.

What is the best party you have every played?

The Dolce & Gabbana party in South Korea.  I was DJing for people who had no idea what the music was in the store in Seoul.

What is the craziest thing a fan has ever asked you?

To play Shakira during a house set.  Oh, and there was the time that two girls asked to make out in the DJ booth while I was spinning at The Limelight.

What is the worst song you've ever had requested?

Lady Gaga during Jim Jones.

You were born and raised in Brooklyn.  How is the scene different there than elsewhere?

It's much quieter than Manhattan.  I moved to Manhattan one time and only lasted about two months, then moved back to Brooklyn.

So, you've traveled to Tokyo, tell me a little bit about that.

I love Tokyo, been about 300 times.  I also lived there on and off from a month and a half to three months.  I worked to create the club industry there and introduced models and bottles, set up clients and networking and reopened the club scene in Ferea with Sal Morale sending DJs back and forth to play live sets.

You started spinning when you were 15, did you ever have a problem getting into nightclubs?

I got turned away sometimes.  But, if I got turned away, I made sure I never went back there.  I was a pretty bad kid then.  In 1992 a tenant in my house was a DJ.  I hung out with him a lot and that's where I got started. I used to play in the Engine Room at the old Palladium with Glen Fisher on Blink Fridays.  I came in there one night with just one crate full of records and played all night.  

I also played at The Limelight for two years which led to spinning Spring Break in Cancun, Labor Day weekend and for promoters doing parties.

What's the next gig you're looking forward to?

I am spinning at PACHA on Friday October 1st.

As a legend in the international nightlife scene, DJ Vitale has been a fixture in clubs around the world.  His name brings the hottest beats and best sounds every night across the globe.  Where Vitale is playing, the crowd is going to follow.  So, be sure to check him out at PACHA in New York and follow him on Twitter to get live updates about where one of the world's hottest DJs will be next.


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