Mark Ronson's Record Collection

Who would agree that our digital revolution has birthed this Digital renaissance of music, blending all genre’s into a somewhat primordial soup of rhythmic consciousness? World renowned producer, Mark Ronson, enters the Galaxy of raw tunes with his latest album “The Record Collection”. Ronson has always brought a lot to the table whenever dropping new material, but this time he really goes in when it comes to this albums “casting call”. Collaborating with Q-tip, Ghostface Killah, London Gay man’s Choir, Andrew Wyatt and many more. It's not your average road call, which speaks volumes for the albums content. Ronson offers an 80's new wave reminiscent sound with a touch of soul and pop freshness.The message of love acts like a family crest, pulsating nearly every track. The dance floor spins produced on this album are majorly impressive and in the end overcomes being more than a homage to vast alternative sounds, but a dedication to diverse artistic input, as well as output, without over saturating the “shock value” of todays corporate assembly line of products vs. artists.