An Update of how Boston Grooves, via Jeff Gil
An up-close look into the Boston DJ scene

As a past attendee of the oscillating Boston dance scene (home of the talented Armand Van Helden), Beantown continues to evolve in seeking to offer more convivial options for its varied yet strong-willed citizens, including guest appearances from some of the biggest names that cater to the clubs around the world, and the glamorous re-launch of its venues such as Royale, formerly known as the Roxy.  One of its most visible figures is Jeff Gil, a comely tough guy who is super popular yet very humble--he's got the potential of being a club icon in the making, especially considering his association with one of the biggest parties to breakthrough in Boston, havens of electronica.  

Gil lives the dream as both a club and party promoter and DJ, and has been a part of Beantown's entertainment community for quite some time, bringing the noise into one of the nation's most revered cities.  He's a music-minded business-man that gets the job, but also knows how to kick back with a beer in a hand, making him an amiable figure that befriends both the audacious club kid and the quiet wine drinker at the bar.  In a Q&A with Gil during his busy trip and en route to California for a gig, he proved how dedicated he is to making sure Boston isn't forgotten among the glossy capitals of the nightlife scene such as New York City, L.A., and Miami.  Let it known: Boston can be bad all by itself.
P.S. Go Sox!
Q: How would you describe the current state of Boston's dance/DJ scene? What makes it different from other cities?

A: For an international city, Boston has an extremely small scene. We have an abundance of talented Djs, 
producers & promoters;but we have a shortage of cool venues. Some of the most fun to be had in Boston lately is in the loft party / after hours scene.

Q: So as a Boston-based DJ and promoter, what are the perks and challenges of your jobs?

A:Being Boston based is a perk within itself. We live in, and work in the most tradition enriched city in the country. I LOVE Boston. One of the main challenges as a promoter is that
Boston is a college city, yet there is a very limited selection of 18+ venues. Being limited to 21+ venues also limits your event budget; thus making it difficult to afford most of the larger national tours.

Q: Can you recall any interesting scenarios that have occurred, recently or in the past that still stand out (while on the club scene)?

A: Recently I was promoting one of my events outside of a Rusko show at the House of Blues on Landsdowne St, and I successfully handed out over 1,000 of my event flyers. The House of Blues property was formerly club Avalon, and in the past; promoting on Landsdowne street in front of Avalon would earn you a black eye and headlock from the the Avalon security. WELCOME TO BOSTON HOUSE OF BLUES!

Q: What events were or are especially popular in Boston (and/or its inner neighborhoods)?

A: Throw'd, Space, Rise, Elements, Make it New 

Q: What are some of your favorites artists and songs you like to play and/or listen to (outside of work or while spinning)?

A: Kastle, Hot Pink Deloreon, Rusko, Terravita, Armand Van Heldon, Trentemoller, NIN, Metal, High Contrast, Wu tang, Wolfgang Gartner, Bjork, Dj Shadow, Classic Rock, anything from the golden era of 90s hip hop

Q: What should Bostonians and fellow visitors to the city expect to look forward to in the coming weeks?

A: Oct. 14th- John B (UK) at the Phoenix Landing for Elements -
Oct. 21st- Rusko @ Royale Nightclub
Oct. 27th - the return of B-rich (stay tuned to Truecrew.com)
Nov. 19th- Dj Craze & special guests @ the Roxy/Lupo's in Providence, RI Nov. 19th