Kitsune Music about to release a tenth Maison compilation
You might not know Kitsune records, but you must have heard their crazy singles

Some have probably recognized the traditional collage which illustrates the record cover. Founded in 2002, Kistune was first a fashion brand, and a good one. This project was created by Gilas Loaec, Masaya Kuroki, and the London based company Abake.These guys did not only want to sell clothes, but music too. They just can't refrain from doing good work, lucky we.

Klaxons, Simian Mobile Disco, Hot Chip, Hadouken, Digitalism, Bloc Party, Boys NoizeCrystal Castles, Phoenix, La Roux and so much more worked for the Japanese fox. Kitsune indeed means "fox" in the far east country. They chose this name because Japanese legends say foxes could instantaneously change their appearance. Kistune records do have a lot of different (but very chic) appearances from indie rock to noisy electro. Every compilation is more successful than the older one.

This tenth edition is called The Firework Issue, nice program. The release will be first digital on November 15th, then physical on Novembre 29th. Did anyone say "Christmas gift?"

Heres is the Tracklist :

01. Cacadeur - Walker (Early Remix)
02. Guards - Don't Wake The Dead
03. Is Tropical - South Pacific
04. Yelle - La Musique
05. Two Door Cinema Club - What You Know (Mustang Remix)
06. Beatacue - Disque Oh
07. Strange Talk - Climbing Walls
08. Punks Jump Up - Blockhead (Edit)
09. The Aikiu - The Red Kiss
10. Flight Facilities feat. Giselle - Crave You
11. Jolie Cherie - Insomnie
12. Wild At Heart - Get Related

01. Clock Opera - Once And For All
02. Icona Pop - Manners (Extended)
03. Young Empires - Glory Of The Night
04. Housse De Racket - Chateau
05. Teeth - See Spaces
06. The Heartbreaks - Liar, My Dear
07. Waylayers - Fires
08. Digitalism - Blitz
09. Black Strobe - Me & Madonna (Twelves Remix)
10. Justus Kohncke and Alexis Taylor - Sorry
11. Psychobuildings - Terror Management
12. Palbomen - Moon Children
13. May68 - The Prisoner (Cecile Remix Jerry Bouthier Edit)