Air London WMC 2011 Line-up
Air London Line-up for WMC at Electric Pickle

Air London
is way ahead of the pack; they’ve just announced their line-up for WMC 2011 at The Electric Pickle. Here's a Glimpse (pun intended), of what’s to come:






-Glimpse (Cadenza/Cocoon/Crosstown Rebels) live - [London, UK] 


-Simon Baker (2020 Vision/Cocoon/Get Physical) - [Leeds, UK]



-Kate Simko (Spectral Sound/Ghostly) - [Chicago, US]




-Pezzner (Freerange/Om) live - [Seattle, US]




-Burnski (Hot Creations/Poker Flat) - [Leeds, UK]




-Geddes (murmur) - [London, UK]




-M A N I K (Culprit/Ovum) - [NYC, US]




-Kris Wadsworth (NRK/Adult Only) - [Detroit, US]




-Maher Daniel (Get Physical / Rekids) - [Montreal, CA]




-Adam Shelton (One Records) - [Birmingham,UK]




-Crazy Larry (Time To Get iLL) - [NYC, US]




The early bird tickets are only $10.00. If you rather wait till last minute to get your tickets, please be my guest. 

The show is on March 22, 2011. Tickets available:Here