Mixtape Mondays – The Pleasure is all mine
From The Club to The Gravel Pit


Today I got some steady rocking grooves for ya’ll. Some hard hitting Tech-Funk beats to a soulful Indie rock ballad. You guys are going to love this one, This being my first post I thought I would treat you to my life story in the form of other peoples music.



It’s been 10 years since Green Velvet released the original La La Land. The track is now considered to be a classic in the club scene and with Pleasurekraft’s  “Sideshow” Remix it has made a hell of a comeback.

A sideshow it is, This track will get you jumping up in your seat asking for more while making you ask yourself if you are on an intense acid trip. Don’t worry, you are completely sane! You are just experiencing the intense vocoded funk that is Kalle Ronngardh & Kaveh Soroush AKA Pleasurekraft.

Want more?! That’ll be 1$. Ha-ha just kidding, The first one is always free.




Number 2 on the list

Black Eyed Peas – Party All The Time


Now this one is not exactly what I jam to nowadays but during winter of 2009-2010 this track was part of my routine, I would wake up hung-over every single day, Call up my “crew” and get the plans ready for the night. Usually what happened is we would just hop in my buddy’s old Jeep Laredo (about 8 of us) and cruise down to South Beach and hit up random clubs running amok.

On the ride home this song would play as most of us were falling asleep in our seats, completely exhausted from the wild night,yet we all still managed to mumble out every single lyric night after night.

This tune is “THE AMERICAN DREAM” ,or at least in my eyes it is.

The best pre or after party tune ever created.



And last but not least.....

MGMT – Kids




A truly beautiful song, This American indie rock psychedelic band must be the best mistake that ever happened.  Andrew VanWyngarden, Ben Goldwasser, Matthew Asti, James Richardson, and Will Berman originally had no plan to start a band. “We were just hanging out, showing each other music that we liked” remarked Goldwasser. After signing with Columbia records in 2008 “Kids” hit Billboard Top Heat Seeker charts as number one and hit UK’s BBC top 10. Besides the stats this song hit number one in my soul, after listening to this track just one time I became a diehard MGMT fan. I can’t even begin to think of how many times I was in a bad mood or just had something depressing on my mind when I decided to tune in to some MGMT, 5 minutes later I was happy as can be. I guess what I mean by that is MGMT = Therapy, and time to time we all need that

 Thanks for reading my fellow three-oh–fivers. Till next Monday…..Deuces!