iTunes Is Proud to Present: The Beatles
Every Beatles song becomes available from Apple for $150

For the first time since iTunes started selling music online in 2003, the Beatles--probably the most awaited band to be featured for purchase--is finally available, in its entirety, for a mere $150. 

And $150 gets you a lot. The Beatles Box Set yields pretty much everything the band ever produced, including all their studio albums, the Past Masters collection, all A and B sides, and a lot of extra goodies, including photos and documentaries. The freebies that go along with the inclusion of the Beatles on iTunes, too, are notable, featuring old-school advertisements, numerous videos, and a documentary of the band's first concert in the United States. 

So, if you don't already have the entire collection, pop over to iTunes and get your Beatles fix. And if you're already a die-hard with every song already on your iPod, there's guaranteed to be free content that will keep you occupied as you sit in your cubicle all day.