Mixtape Mondays: Girl Talk Is Giving Me a Fever, But It's Good To Be Alive
Girl Talk. BAM. Fever Ray. BAM. DJ Rap. BAM. It's Monday, let's do it.
Please, please, please, dear God, be any other day besides MONDAY. I'm so not ready for this week, you guys! Today I have to finish a 15 page paper, attend a meeting, hold a meeting, know the difference between australopithecus africanus and australopithecus afarensis for a lab exam on Wednesday...and...AND it's friggin snowing out, flaunting the winter's inevitable arrival and completely freezing me to hateful, stabby bits. But, alas, if you have a pocket or two to thrust your hands into, I guess it's bearable...but stress levels during finals...not so much. That said, as we all know, music delivers through and through and something that always is consistent even when life is cray-cray. We've all had crappy days, crappy weeks and guess what? Life is full of them! Uplifting? Just listen to the music. <3
Girl Talk - This is the Remix
I've told so many people the story of my introduction to Girl Talk, that I'm starting to wonder if it really happened or if it's just escalating into urban myth status as I recycle the facts to new ears. Luckily for you, truth doesn't affect the amazing sauce that this song oozes - but I'm going to tell you the story anyway!
I work at a publishing house here in the city and after my lunch break, I walked back into the building and on to an elevator that happened to have one of the editorial assistants that I work with in it. Let's just call him Tom. Tom is the type of person that you're just never really sure if he's stoned or just left-over buzzed from the previous night's shenanigans. So when I got into the elevator, I assumed that I'd either fall victim to some uncomfortable conversation about the city's "bangin-est bars" (his words, not mine) or, or...smell an unfortunate cologne cocktail of whiskey, 4 Loko and cigarettes. Option number one was what I got.
"Girl talk!" he exclaimed as I got into the elevator.
"I'm sorry?" I said.
"Have you heard the new Girl Talk album? It's a non-stop party."
"Non-stop, don't stop party!"
"Oh, you're into them, yeah?"
"You're into them?"
He gives me a confused look. I try again, "You. Are. Into. Them?"
"Oh yeah!!" he snapped back to life. "Absolutely. This album is just one party after the next."
"Non-stop, right?" I joked.
"Exactly!" he said, as if I had read his mind. Go figure.
Then an editor walked onto the elevator.
"Girl Talk," Tom said to the Editor - who we will call Pam.
Pam looked at both of us and said, "You two are having ... girl talk?"
"No," he said. (I laughed out loud, just imagining where this was going) "The band. Girl Talk. Their most recent album - it's amazing." ("Non-stop party," I said in my head)
"Oh yeah?" Pam asked.
"No doubt. Non-stop party! We got hits dropping in from Bananarama and Bruce Springsteen, mashing it up with Ludacris and other people you just wouldn't even dream of!"
Pam, a forty-something, I'm sure, couldn't have dreamt it.
"Ah, I see." she said.
Our floor came.
We all exited.
Awkward silence ensued.
But, being the missionary for music that I am, I had to do a little research on this. Maybe he wasn't crazy. Maybe it was a non-stop party. And hey, when is that ever a bad thing? Long story short - I found them, I listened and...I PARTIED NON-STOP. All while sitting in my office. Oh yeah, buddy, you heard me. Seriously, the album is one giant DJ set with the best effing songs known to man, mixed brilliantly and chopped into tiny, eatable pieces to tongue and bite and enjoy over and over again - each time finding something new. You can listen to the entire album here, as well as find out what songs and sound bytes each track is made up of. For time's sake, I'm posting one of my favorite tracks off the album (All Day) called "This Is The Remix." which features amazing mash-ups of DMX's "Party Up" with The Beastie Boys' "New Style," Lil Kim's "Jump Off" with Jackson 5's "I Want You Back," and MORE. EVEN SIMON & GARFUNKEL mixed into Lil Jon.. My heart, my heart, my heart. This album is amazing, a great party play (non-stop, that is) or something to have rocking in the back when you're trying to power through mountains of school work.
Fever Ray - I'm Not Done
Karin Dreijer Andersson, lead singer of The Knife, also front's Fever Ray, this delicious, harmonious, glorious side-project band from Sweden. I want to sit on this song's lap, I want to shower it with kisses and then ask it to kindly marry the shit out of me. Marry me and never ever divorce me. I'm not sure if that's legal, but I want this song by me at all times. It's warm and cold, powerful and weakening, starving and filling, heavenly and other-worldly. And the words, too - unsure as I am regarding their meaning - punch a fist-full of nerves straight to my stomach, goosebumping me blind every time I hear it. I always giggle at the title, because it's exactly how I feel when the song ends. "On repeat" doesn't even describe this song's role in my day-to-day. Like the Zero 7 song last week, I wish my mind had birthed this song so I could take credit for its brilliance - but, alas, I guess I'll just take credit for lending it to you.
DJ Rap - Good to be Alive
Ah, sweet memories. I first heard this song on my sister's Go  soundtrack back in the late 90s. Rife with bass, this dizzying mix comes to you from the talented hands of Ms. Charissa Saverio, aka DJ Rap, a British DJ specializing in house, techno and electronica. After obsessing over her vocals and music for a few years, I finally purchased her album Learning Curve. The entire album was so rich in this music that I had never been aware of or interested in before. But after sitting in your room for hours listening to the sounds, it makes you wanna pop an X, take to the clubs and let the music move you wherever the bass thumps you. But seriously, I wish more clubs in NYC played music like this because I'd be out every night. There is also a slightly more pop-y version and video of this song, too, right here (both videos are totally cheesetastic, I know), and you should also check out two of my other favorite songs from her, "F*ck With Your Head" (!!!!!!) and "Every Day Girl."