Olivia Mancini and the Mates: Toughing it Out In DC

In an interview with the Washingtonian, Olivia Mancini thinks the worst things about DC's music scene is, "so many people move away to New York."

Mancini, now getting her masters in social work, in New York City, must've been a little home sick. A few weeks ago Mancini and her band, The Mates, played a welcome home show at Black Cat, a popular venue in DC for independent music.

They plan on recording a new album soon. And what better place to test out the waters than among fans in a familiar setting?

Matt And Kim - "Cameras"

Matt and Kim get a bit ill-tempered and take out some frustrations in their newest music video for "Cameras" off of their 2010 album, Sidewalks.

The Bay is Back

Berkeley hip-hop duo, Malki Means King & Juey Starberry, have a new album available for download on thebayisback.com. From the Bay is a collection of nine songs that capture the spirit of Bay Area hip-hop. It has big beats, soulful melodies, and lyrics that celebrate the duo's love for the community. You can download the entire album here for free.

While you're at it, check out thebayisback.com for the latest information on Bay Area hip-hop. The website includes free album/mixtape downloads, music videos, and album reviews. It's a fantastic online source for discovering new hip-hop artists in the local scene.

Patrick Stump Sing's A Cappella Grammy Nominees

Patrick Stump has had a very interesting few months. His band Fall Out Boy has gone on hiatus, he's lost what seems to be at least fifteen pounds, and has also announced a solo project named SoulPunk with a scheduled release date for next month.

What else is the man going to do? Become a youtube sensation? Why not.

A few days ago Stump recorded an a capella version melody of five songs from the five albums nominated for Grammy's highest honor: Album of the Year.

And the praise has been falling in since, which stumps Stump since he recorded the video to let lose some songs that were stuck in his head.

With a frenzy Stump seems to be stirring, all that is necessary is the official release date of SoulPunk, to really make 2011 his year.

Katy Perry Set to Reveal New Side at Grammy's

Katy Perry has declared you will see a new side to her during her 2011 Grammy performance. Perry told Zap2It, "I'm going to do a really cool, heartfelt song that I really love, and show a different side. I think I'll do a medley of sorts, too, but not too much. It'll be quite a surprise."

Coming from Perry, known for her varied, outlandish performances, one can only wonder what she will do.

Katy Perry is starting her world tour February 20th a few days after her Grammy performance. It will be safe to assume that her Grammy performance will be a preview to what she has planned for her upcoming tour.

Britney Spears Breaks Record

Britney's new single, "Hold it Against Me" has debuted in the number one spot of Billboard's Top 100.

"Hold it Against Me" has not been promoted at all by Britney and was released exclusively through iTunes, making the song's ranking even more spectacular.

Britney Spears is the second artist in Billboard's history to have multiple songs debut at number one("Hold it Against Me" and "3"; the other person is Mariah Carey with "Fantasy", "One Sweet Day" and "Honey".

Roc Marciano is added to Decon Roster

Decon Records formed in 2002 and thanks to its successful documentary One Big Trip, has it's hands not only in music, but also in production and marketing.

Decon has signed numerous up and coming rappers to their label including Jay Electronica (now with Jay-Z's Roc Nation) and Shad.

Roc Marciano hails from Long Island, New York. He left Flipmode Square in 2001 and started to work his way through New York's underground hip hop community. Roc has also appeared on Wu-Tang Clan's album, Wu-Tang Meets the Indie Culture and gained critical acclaim for his contribution on that album, as well as his own material.

Ayron Jones and The Way Bring Blues Back

Just when the glory days of being able to witness the talent of a true Blues guitarist seemingly appeared to come dwindling to an end; Seattle native Ayron Jones gifts the world of music with rebirth and renewal. Self taught at the tender age of 13, Jones  aimed to follow in the likeness of Blues an Rock&Roll greats like BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert King and Jonny Lang.

Now, a mere ten years later, Jones is "playing at the skill level that legends are made of." Teamed up with drummer, Conrad Real, and bassist, Deandre Enrico, the trio make up Ayron Jones and The Way. Performing at intimate venues like the Can Can, Little Red Cafe and Hard Rock Cafe; Ayron Jones and The Way deliver live performances that can be described as nothing less than a cultural experience. Creating a powerful fusion of Blues, Rock&Roll and Neo-Soul; words pour out of Jones' mouth in the form of raspy melodies, as his fingertips drip electric shock onto guitar strings. Conrad captivates eyes with his flashy personality and single stick rolls, as Deandre adds a key element of soul. Playing songs like "Baptized in Muddy Waters," an "emotional blues anthem, fueled by the essence of Muddy Waters and the fire of Jimi Hendrix." It's safe to say Ayron Jones and The Way have Seattle in the palm of their hands. And even safer to say, that it won't be long till they obtain the rest of the world too.

Foul Play Or Drunk Driving?

In the late 80's and early 90's the Nymphs was as much of a household name as Kings of Leon are today. Dominating radio waves and topping charts band members Inger Lorre, Jet, Cliff D, Sam Merrick and Alex Kirst were known for their wild stage antics and resistance to comply with record labels.

The group split in 1992 leaving each member to go down their different selected paths. Drummer Alex Kirst perused his passion for music, joining alternative Rock group Iggy Pop. Still performing in his later years, Kirst's life came to a tragic end January 13th, when he was killed in a brutal hit and run accident.

Brighton Music Hall: Little Dragon and Baths Scheduled to Perform

What do you get when you merge a well known local venue with new well connected owners?

If you guessed Brighton Music Hall, then you get the prize. Okay, you do not get a prize but, yes, you are correct.

Brighton Music Hall, formally known as the Harper Ferry Rock Club in Allston, has opened it's doors. Harper Ferry was a local hot spot near Boston University and Boston College. It did it's best to show good music.

Due to the property owner's refusal to renew Harper's lease, the end of the venue's forty year history seemed likely. Fortunately it was saved by Joe Dunne and Declan Mehigan, who renamed the venue Brighton Music Hall.