An Interview With Bare
Pop Icon, Prince Touring

The flamboyant genius of the electric guitar is back! Prince's largely anticipated tour, "Welcome 2 America," is now unfolding much to the delight of fans who, until recently, salivated over rumors of "The Purple One's" return. Prince, who hasn't toured since 2004, has made a number of appearances over that time but they all seemed to fall on scattered dates that essentially came out of nowhere - other than TV show appearances, Prince would often go as far as appear announced at venues and sing a few songs. Now, at 52, Prince is back and he's keeping it cool.

Vicki Leekx verses MAYA

2010 was, what you can call, an arduous year for M.I.A.

It certainly was not 2007, where she was critically on top of the world.

It was a year where M.I.A's always politically ridden language was analyzed, criticized, and mocked. It was as if her personal relationship with her fiance, and the benefits of that relationship, suddenly made her ineligible to fight for (right or wrong) all she had spent all of her adult life fighting.

All of the negative press M.I.A received culminated in her summer 2010 release of /\/\ /\ Y /\. The album was schizophrenic, jarring, and completely different from Kala, her most previous and most successful release. Kala featured rawer, darker lyrics over more more listener friendly musical forms of music like soca and dance rave.

The Black Eyed Peas Know Songs They WON'T Be Performing

Everyone remembers the infamous "wardrobe malfuction" during the 2004 Super Bowl between the New England Patriots and the Carolina Panthers. It became larger than the game itself, at least in the eyes of the media. Since the incident, the halftime show has been performed by classic rock stars such as The Rolling Stones, The Who, and Prince. The Black Eyed Peas will be the first pop group to perform during the halftime show since that fabled evening.

To evade fire from the media, and cater towards the wider, family oriented america, The Black Eyed Peas are choosing to not perform one of their more popular songs, "My Humps," stating that, "We’re not playing that. It’s a club song. It’s like when I get around my mom, all my cuss words are deleted from my vocabulary. Automatically, they just leave. Super Bowl, yes, the words are not going to exist in my vocabulary. Will.I.Am supplied the quote to the New York Times.

The Dirty Diamonds

If the musical trends of the past forty years had a love child, the child's name would be The Dirty Diamonds.

The Dirty Diamonds consists of Joy, Alistair and Halley on vocals, Austin Henry does bass and production, Dr. Rash on guitar and Mickey P plays guitar and does production.

The Dirty Diamonds combine 60's soul, 70's funk, 80's punk and nu wave, and 90's electronic scene and somehow makes it all work. The soulfulness of Joy, Alistair, and Halley's voices, the fun flowing beats, and stirring rhythm makes the listener excited.

There is something in their music for everyone.

Darlingside: Another String Rock Group

There has been an influx of rock songs and groups with classical instruments for many years. Musicians like the Dixie Chicks (though in country music/bluegress violins are often played as a fiddle), Coldplay, and Andrew Bird along with Guns N' Roses' November Rain, Aerosmith's Don't Want to Miss a Thing, and almost all of Arcade Fire's discography has influenced up and coming musicians in interesting ways.

Darlingside is the continuation of this influence.

Darlingside features five part harmonies, guitar, bass, drums, cello, violin, mandolin, saz, and a penny whistle. Together the group members, Auyon Mukharji, Don Mitchell, Sam Kapal, David Senft, and Harris Paseltiner, all have diverse musical backgrounds include experiences. These experiences include writing traditional Brazilian, Turkish, and Irish music, performing in sunset cruises in Maine, participating in an/ creating music for a cappella group.

Olivia Mancini and the Mates: Toughing it Out In DC

In an interview with the Washingtonian, Olivia Mancini thinks the worst things about DC's music scene is, "so many people move away to New York."

Mancini, now getting her masters in social work, in New York City, must've been a little home sick. A few weeks ago Mancini and her band, The Mates, played a welcome home show at Black Cat, a popular venue in DC for independent music.

They plan on recording a new album soon. And what better place to test out the waters than among fans in a familiar setting?

Matt And Kim - "Cameras"

Matt and Kim get a bit ill-tempered and take out some frustrations in their newest music video for "Cameras" off of their 2010 album, Sidewalks.

The Bay is Back

Berkeley hip-hop duo, Malki Means King & Juey Starberry, have a new album available for download on thebayisback.com. From the Bay is a collection of nine songs that capture the spirit of Bay Area hip-hop. It has big beats, soulful melodies, and lyrics that celebrate the duo's love for the community. You can download the entire album here for free.

While you're at it, check out thebayisback.com for the latest information on Bay Area hip-hop. The website includes free album/mixtape downloads, music videos, and album reviews. It's a fantastic online source for discovering new hip-hop artists in the local scene.

Patrick Stump Sing's A Cappella Grammy Nominees

Patrick Stump has had a very interesting few months. His band Fall Out Boy has gone on hiatus, he's lost what seems to be at least fifteen pounds, and has also announced a solo project named SoulPunk with a scheduled release date for next month.

What else is the man going to do? Become a youtube sensation? Why not.

A few days ago Stump recorded an a capella version melody of five songs from the five albums nominated for Grammy's highest honor: Album of the Year.

And the praise has been falling in since, which stumps Stump since he recorded the video to let lose some songs that were stuck in his head.

With a frenzy Stump seems to be stirring, all that is necessary is the official release date of SoulPunk, to really make 2011 his year.