Madvillain (MF Doom/Madlib) Releases New Track

A brand new single from Madvillain was released this past week and it has me hankering for more.

Known for his articulate rhythms and rhymes, MF Doom does work on this track while Madlib seemingly creates ridiculous beats like it's nothing. The duo work so well together in creating fresh, new sounds. Their first album, Madvillany, was released to rave reviews praising it's unorthodox composition and originality.

Now, I can only hope that this means that there will be more tracks in the future, and maybe even a full-length album. They are just too good.

Here, have a listen.

Mixtape Mondays: A Final Moby Send-Off
A Handful of Musical Acts in the LA Area

For those looking to catch a concert or small show, LA has some intriguing events going on in the next few weeks.

-Dashboard Confessional is performing at the Troubadour on the 19th, 20th, and 21st of January. This is actually a solo tour, where Chris Carrabba (frontman) will be playing Swiss Army Romance in its entirety. It was just announced that Saves the Day will also be touring with Chris Carrabba. This should be a really good show.

-30 Seconds to Mars is going to be playing at the Fox Theatre Pomona on January 14th. Middle Class Rut will also be performing that night.

5 Bands That Put Bay Area Punk On The Map

5. Negative Trend (1977-1979)

Negative Trend has the distinction of being one of the first punk bands in the Bay Area. Although they never achieved the same level of fame as those they influenced, their music laid the foundation for Bay Area hardcore. Their songs were dark and heavy, and their live performances were unpredictable. Band members would often perform intoxicated, destroy tables, and start fires on stage. When Negative Trend disbanded in 1979, lead singer Will Shatter went on to form Flipper, a band that was regarded as “the worst band in the world.” Sadly, Will Shatter died of a drug overdose in 1987, but his music would go on to inspire the likes of Minor Threat, Black Flag, and Nirvana.

Jay z Debuts On OWN Network

The Goddess of benevolence; Oprah Winfrey has recently launched her television network OWN. Highlighting the debut of the network will be a documentary series entitled Oprah Presents: Master Class; where O showcases prominent and influential people of our epoch. The very first person to be showcased on the series was the one and only HOV! That’s right; the Jigga man himself was featured in the premiere episode discussing about his childhood, and how the music game has changed over the course his lengthy career. If you want to catch the full episode, call your cable provider and to add OWN to your line-up. Until then here’s a clip from the last show.

Space Gets Dicey

This Saturday at Space one of the world most sought after DJ’s, Loco Dice will be commanding the wheels of steel in what is sure to be a sweat filled, sex smothered, heart pumping, techy dance night.

Loco Dice real name Dice Corleone, Is a Tunisian born, German transplant, DJ/producer who started out in the early part of the 90’s a rapper/ Hip Hop DJ, who opened for the likes of Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, and Jamiroquai among others. After a few years of being one of the top Hip Hop cats in Germany, Dice decided to pull a 180 and started focusing on dishing out pure, sexy, crowd pleasing house music. Example of what I mean after the jump.

Good Old War At The Music Box

Good Old War, the pleasent sounding indie rock band from Pennsylvania, will be performing at the The Music Box in Los Angeles on January 22nd.

The trio are quite talented music writers, who use both the acoustic melodies of their instruments and harmonzied vocals to create a very unique and soothing sound. The dynamic between the instruments and the vocals is really impressive.

Anyone who appreciates good music and lives in the Los Angeles area, should look this show up.

Las Vegas Welcomes Weezer

On the 21st of January, Weezer will be bringing their Memories Tour to the Hard Rock Hotel, located in Las Vegas.

Still hard at work, Weezer released their most recent album, Hurley, this past year. It was most noticed for its intriguing album cover: the face of actor Jorge Garcia, who portrayed Hurley in the hit television show, LOST.

Though they are not the same young, rockers from 1994 anymore, Weezer still puts on a fun, energetic performance that is still worth the price of admission.

Snoop Dogg Brings Tour To San Francisco

Lyrically superior to many rappers, the old-timer, Snoop Dogg, is heading to San Fransico's Fillmore Auditorium to perform before his newst album, Doggumentary Music (a sequal to Doggystle), hits stores later in the year. The concert takes place on the 18th of January, so be sure to get your tickets soon!

the 39 year-old rapper is still going strong, creating music and staying on top of his game.The likes of Kanye West, Ne-Yo, John Legend, Gorillaz, and more will be featured on the album.

Girl Talk, In Dallas

One of the more popular (and controversial) music acts today, Girl Talk, is coming to Dallas, Texas on the 15th of January. Known for his energetic shows, Gregg Gillis (Girl Talk), is taking his non-stop dance party to the The Palladium Ballroom. Tickets are only 25 dollars.

Gregg Gillis was featured in the 2008 documentary, Rip it!: A Remix Manifesto. In it, Gregg speaks about his views on copyright laws, while also showing off his amazing talents. If you are a fan of Girl Talk, this documentary is a must.