The Postelles

If I had not known who I was meeting I could have easily mistaken guitarist Daniel Balk and bassist Jon Speyer for two kids anticipating the first act of the show to begin, ironically, they were the first act.

When I walked into the venue in Ft. Lauderdale, I saw them both isolated from the crowd engaging in their own personal conversation, everyone failing to recognize who they were. Their NYC style and scruffy poise is nothing less then what I expected. We quickly became acquainted and I then ushered them outside of the venue to begin my interview, relocating to the empty pizza restaurant next door. We sat down Yuenglings in hand, as I began reviewing the year of 2010 with The Postelles.

Mixtape Mondays: A Quickie Before Studying

Hello, faithfuls! Mama's got some studying to do because finals are NIGH - therefore I will just be posting videos unaccompanied by the self-indulgent banter. Wah wah.

Intramural - From the Ground

Tegan and Sara - So Jealous

South - Paint the Silence

Beyond the Virtual Buzz with Atomic Tom

There is something so appealing about a guy who really knows how to work his instrument. In October, NY based band, Atomic Tom, took rocking to a whole new level when they recorded a video of their single "Take Me Out" solely with IPhone Apps. Using Shred, Pocket Guitar, Drum Meister, and Piano Professional, the quartet created a Youtube hit that has gained them over 4 million views. Their internet fame has landed them radio ads and gigs on George Lopez Tonight, Jimmy Kimmel Live, and the Early Show.

Joonbug bloggers caught up with Luke White (vocals, piano), Eric Espiritu (guitar), Philip Galitzine (bass) and Tobias Smith (drums) at their Philly performance. Lion of Ido and The Dance Party started off the night for the band at North Star Bar. Hailing from DC and NY, the opening acts are also friends of the band. "We try to play with musicians who are actually nice people too," says Eric.

Magda and Marc Houle

Sunday Dec. 13, the folks from Link and over at The Electric Pickle are shaking things up with a performance by none other than Magda, and Marc Houle. Both will be live and direct, celebrating M_nus style, as part of the launch of their new albums. “From the Fallen Page” (Magda), and “Drift” (Marc Houle). No one does quite like the M_nus crew, so prepare for a glitchin’ good time. Sounds from Magda & Marc after the jump.

OK, OK: An Interview with Julius C

The thing about classic rock is that it is inherently 'classic'. Julius C takes the classic parts, rocking hard, sweet guitar licks and belting vocals and adds nuevo indie spin with pop keys, gorilla suits and extra volume. Jay Stolar spoke with Joonbug to discuss how the band has built an adoring local following and what his band’s music means to him. They are scheduled to rock the Rockwood stage 2 on Friday December 10th at 11:00 p.m. In the mean time you can get to know the band by checking out their video or visiting their website.

Joonbug: What does it feel like to be on stage?

Beastie Boys next short film with a bunch of funny guys

The short film will be first released at the Sundance Short Film Festival at the end of January.

Resident Advisor Top Dj's of 2010

The Folks at Resident Advisor have released there annual list of the top dj’s of the year. Thousands of RA user’s submitted votes, in hopes of seeing there favorites on the coveted list. The top 5 aren’t much of a surprise; they include names such as, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos, Seth Troxler, Ben Klock, and the unmistakable Loco Dice. Check out Resident Advisor for the complete list. Also included are the Top Labels, Top live acts, albums, and compilations.

Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival on December 18

The Brooklyn Electronic Music Festival is coming ! This festival is only about good emerging talents. It is going to be at Public Assembly / Music Hall of Williamsburg on Saturday December 18 at 8.00pm. Tickets here ! Here is the line-up : Sinden, Kid Sister, Treasure Fingers, Penguin Prison, Javelin, French Horn Rebellin, Tittsworth, Class Actress, BRAHMS, oOoOO, FaltyDL, Lemonade, Creep, Michna, Cubic Zirconia, Bordy Language, Dave P., Star Eys, PUNCHES, Lloydksi, Blu Jemz, Free Magic, VDRK, Azari & III

The Human League's big payback

Yes they've changed a bit, time goes by. Philip Oakley is the only original member of the band. I knew these two women didn't look like the originals ones. The Human League are back. Soon a new record and a tour. I am a fan of The Human League and hope they won't ruin everything. Why should they ? Don't know, it's been nine years they haven't done something new.

This big come back is not that new with this big 80's revival and the "I play synth, we all plays synth" phylosophy. Every band now wants to claim that they all are fans of the band (Gosh I'm such a sheep). Remember playing GTA Vice City with this song ? Even Darkstar from Hyperdub records made a terrific cover of "You Remind Me of Gold". This cover is one of the best songs of the year. Night People is their first new hit, and I'm not sure I like it that much. Matter of fact I really don't. I knew I was right to worry !

With 10 Grammy Nominations Eminem Completes

The Grammy Nominations were announced earlier this week. Like most Grammy years there were few surprises, what did surprise most was the man who came away with the most nominations.

That's right, Eminem. Slim Shady himself has his name in most catagories, except for maybe Country. As we've seen that doesn't necessarily mean he will win them all, not with the likes of Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift out there. The fact he was able to come out of the hole he was in, and pull himself together to make such an incredible album, and put his name back up there with the nominees speaks volumes about the "The Real Slim Shady"!