This guy from Philippines sings almost like Beyoncé

Some might doubt about it, but this is a male singer. I don’t know what’s happening in Philippines, but they have pretty strange folks there.
Do you remember this scary guy who had a horse voice ? It was on Philippine Idol too ! He actually looks a bit like Pete Burns before his twentieth surgery.

Have a little taste of Danger Mouse Daniele Luppi common project : Rome

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi have finished their common project called Rome. It took them five years to record the fifteen songs of the record. They tried to get close to the ambiance you have in Western Spaghetti movies.

Ennio Morricone was a major source of inspiration. Jack White and Norah Jones also contributed to this project. Danger Mouse always does great work, this should be good.

Tracklist :

1) Theme Of Rome
2) The Rose With The Broken Neck
3) Morning Fog (interlude)
4) Season's Trees
5) Her Hollow Ways (interlude)
6) Roman Blue
7) Two Against One
8) The Gambling Priest
9) The World (interlude)
10) Black
11) The Matador Has Fallen
12) Morning Fog
13) Problem Queen
14) Her Hollow Ways
15) The World

Gorillaz advent calendar

This is the way Gorillaz welcome you to their Christmas page : «Greetings! Gorillaz's little elves have been busy preparing a daily feast of Gorillaz gift ephemera for your jolly enjoyment.
Tis the season to be Mary... Blah, blah, Bah Humbug, blah....! Insert your own jovial Xmas bull***t here.»

Gorillaz are a very modern band. They always bring news stuff in order to satisfy the fan's appetite. I think this is actually pretty cool to take care of the people who contributed to your success. Gorillaz just made an advent calendar. Fans will get one little surprise a day. It could be a video, a game, a wallpaper, or even a funny stamp picture. This is not much but still it is pretty funny. It’s all here.

Watch 30 Second To Mars controversial video

I will not comment the music here. I just warn my dear readers at the beginning of the article, so you don't wait for any musical review. Let's just say that 30 Second To Mars is not the kind of thing I usually listen. Anyway Jared Leto's band has just released a new musical video : Hurricane.

It is actually almost a short film. MTV is already complaining about some sex scenes such as "Woman's finger running over other woman's bottom in G-string and touching anus". Hum writing about an anal stroke in the morning... love my job. It looks like the band just came back from a rough Germany.

Check out Redman's new mixtape : Pancake & Syrup

Redman sent us a llittle gift before Christmas and his next album release : Reggie.

He is one of my favorite Mc, even if the last years were a bit difficult for him. You still can find the famous Mc's jumpy flow.

Here is the tracklist of the mixtape

There are featurings with Nate Dogg, Ready Roc and Saukrates inside.

Def Jammable is the new hit of the mixtape

Redman's next album called Reggie will be avaible on December 7

December Album Releases

Dec. 7: Natasha Bedingfield: Strip Me

Daft Punk: Tron Legacy Soundtrack

Deadmau5: 4×4=12

Duffy: Endlessly

Flyleaf: Remember to Live

Jaunes: P.A.R.C.E.

Adam Lambert: Acoustic Live!

Mumford & Sons: Sigh No More (Deluxe Edition)

Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine: 2010 Remaster (Vinyl)

Plain White T’s: Wonders of the Younger

Tricky @ Brooklyn Bowl on December 10

The Trip Hop pioneer will perform at Brooklyn Bowl. Trip Hop is a twenty year old music genre that combines a Hip Hop base with pretty much everything. It is often a dark, enchanting music.

Tricky used to be a member of Massive Attack a long time ago. He has made several solo albums. They were all acclaimed by the public and the media. You probably remember this old hit.

This guy has a unique way to bring you into his very personal dark world. He has made many duets with people such as PJ Harvey, Howie B, Damon Albarn, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Grace Jones, and many more...

Rollingstone Magazine : the Playlist Issue

I've always wondered what famous artists do listen at home, or while driving their Escalade. You probably know that a lot of people who work on TV don't actually watch it at home. I was also curious to see if my favorite artists shared my tastes. I was astonished to see that Chris Martin from Coldplay could actually be able to listen some good sh!t (hate Coldplay).

You have here fifty different artists ready to share their Top 10 songs on one theme they care about. Wanna know what MGTM's 10 best psychedelic songs are ? Are you curious to see what king of blues does Mick Jagger listen at home ? I find that pretty entertaining.

Robyn's new music video : Dancehall Queen

Robyn's new single has a lot of Jamaican influences as you can hear in the riddim. This song is co-directed by Diplo, Red Foxx and Pomp&Clout.

As a fan of Jamaican music, I always pay attention to Diplo's work. This guy has a great feeling with reggae music and transform it to something of his own. Remember he was one of the two guys who are responsible of the Major Lazer project.

You can also see that the Swedish singer still admires the Japanese culture (remember her former single called Konichiwa Bitches).

The new album "Body Talk" is out now. Robyn is on tour.