South Florida "Can't Handle Me"

It must be nice to be a famous rapper coming back home to the friendly confines of South Florida.

Carol City native Flo Rida has a busy weekend ahead of him - His birthday celebration Friday night at LIV in South Beach and then the third installment of Think Pink Rocks in Boca Raton with 50 Cent on Saturday in support of breast cancer and awareness.

Before heading off to catch LeBron and the new Heat squad in the team’s preseason opener Tuesday night, Flo took a few minutes to chat it up with Mike Rothman about his monster hit “Club Can’t Handle Me”, his new album Only One, his past working with Kesha and someday wanting to work with the legendary Outkast.

Austin City Limits Oct. 8-10: Get Your Festie On

Well Joonbuggers, it's that time again, Festie time! This time we are preparing for Austin City Limits. This is one of my favorite festivals of the year, not only because Austin is home, but also because it might be one of the most musically diverse. We are seeing some of our electronic, oldies, Texas country and pop favies this year. Here is what we were looking most forward to.

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The Man Behind the Music: Michael Vincze

Two stages are rocking the vintage-clad crowd with everything from wholesome folk melodies to synth-heavy hard metal. Local artists display their works throughout the venue, and DJ Ed Gold spins dubstep on the back patio, where anyone not dancing lines up for freshly grilled tacos to go with their $2 PBR.

Twenty-four-year-old Woodland Hills native Michael Vincze is the man responsible for this scene. Known simply as the Collective (thecollectiveca.com), this ongoing concert event and progressive music project brings together some 20-odd independent bands to provide Angelenos with honest, feel-good music. Every show has a different lineup, but the same sentimentality is always there, with bands sharing members, playing on each other’s tracks, and rocking out to one another’s sets. “We’re promoting passion and love,” Vincze says. “It’s a way for people to get away from the bullshit.”

Belle & Sebastian at Williamsburg Waterfront

Belle and Sebastian have been capturing the hearts of indie rockers all over the world with their wistful pop since the late 90s.

Touring for much of 2010 to promote the October 11 release of their new album Belle & Sebastian Write About Love, the Glasgow natives stopped at the Williamsburg Waterfront in Brooklyn just before the cold snap of fall hits the city.

Check out the video and photo slideshow from the event!

All photos and videos by Hayley Hastings

An Update of how Boston Grooves, via Jeff Gil
Mixtape Mondays: Packing it Up

Due to work levels at school being extremely high, this week I have decided to keep it ever so simple for you all. And what better way to leave you this week but with the beautifully simplistic sound that The White Stripes - usually known for their raw and gritty blues rock - have acheived in this wonderful, melancholy goodbye ballad.

The White Stripes - Bound to Pack it Up

This song was introduced to me by my now ex-boyfriend, Cody. It was early in our relationship and he was going through that "Let Me Think of Fun, Creative Things To Do With Her So She Doesn't Stop Liking Me" phase and I was in that "Let Me Go Along With Whatever He Wants To Do So He Doesn't Stop Liking Me"' phase. His "creative thing" was to take us skiing.

Joonbug Interviews Techno Veteran Troy Pierce

Troy Pierce
and Jesse Siminski aka Heartthrob are currently touring with their live pa performance “Square One” which also inspired their newest release on M_nus of the same name. We had a chance to talk techno, raves and live pa with Troy just a few days before the duos gig.

-How did you guy’s meet?

Baila con Dinky