Boston's Weekly Gigs: August 11th - August 17th

Harper’s Ferry, Allston, MA

  • Wed. Aug 11th- Goddess of My Religion, Girl on Top, The Hands Off Love Affair
  • Thur. Aug 12th- Brother’s McCann
  • Fri. Aug 13th- The Joshua Tree, A Tribute to U2
  • Sat. Aug 14th- The Luxury
  • Sun. Aug 15th- Emanuel and the Fear
  • Mon. Aug 16th- Foundation Rockers
  • Tue. Aug 17th- Josh Caress

House of Blues, Boston, MA

  • Thur. Aug 12th- Something Corporate
  • Fri. Aug 13th- Willie Nelson & Family
  • Sat. Aug 14th- Epic Saturdays w/ DJ Nina Flowers
  • Sun. Aug 15th- B.O.B. with Yelawolf, Playboy Trey
  • Mon. Aug 16th- Tears for Fears w/ Wainwright
  • Tue. Aug 17th- HARD Summer Tour featuring, Crystal Castles, Rusko, Sinden, Destructo, and more
Ryan Cabrera's Return to Boston

The ever-talented Ryan Cabrera took the Showcase Live! stage Tuesday evening for a stripped down and intimate acoustic performance. Local acts Keep Me Conscious and Jon Robert opened for Cabrera and prepped an enthusiastic crowd for the main event.

Cabrera's set included a mix of tracks from his three albums, Take It All Away (2004), You Stand Watching (2005), and The Moon Under Water (2008). He admits that he "sometimes won't write a set list, but will forget key songs." That was not the case Tuesday night. The Foxboro audience enjoyed staples like "40 Kinds of Sadness, "Exit to Exit," "Shine On" (Cabrera's favorite to perform), "On the Way Down" (the clear crowd favorite) and Cabrera's favorite, "True."

All Access With Young Man

Young Man (Colin Caulfield) broke onto the music scene when he began uploading covers of his favorite songs to YouTube. Several notable covers later and a rather flattering acknowledgement from Dearhunter front man, Bradford Cox, Young Man is set to release his debut EP titled “Boy” on August 31. I recently caught up with Colin to talk about his distinguished YouTube presence, a sold out show with Local Natives at Governor’s Island, and his debut release.

Q: What kind of experience did you have while writing and recording "Boy" ?

YM: I was writing it during the last summer that I was living with my parents. I go to school in Chicago. I live there now but I would go back and live at home for the summers, like most people do. So for me the subject material and the idea of growing up and dealing with your future, I was in the midst of all that. At that point I was starting to grow out of being a kid. It was a very emotional experience writing the album, because for one, I’m not a five-year-old. Writing from that perspective is draining in a way because to really put yourself in that position is weird as a 20-year-old. So I just got really into it and I think it shows.

Mixtape Mondays: Where We Talk AIM, Indie and Altar Boys

Bright Eyes – Lover I Don’t Have to Love

Once upon a time, in a small Pennsylvania town filled with troubled kids falling in and out of tortured love, there existed, hands down, the best, most potent remedy for lonesome pre/teen heartbreak in all of the land: AOL Instant Messenger Away Messages.

How do away messages work, exactly? For those of you who weren’t on the AIM circuit, an away message is sort of like the equivalent to today’s Facebook status or Twitter update – a brief amount of space with limited characters, providing the user with a precious platform to voice their intended-for-all-to-read messages. What they were originally supposed to be for was to let your buds know where you were if you weren’t answering your messages. So, if someone messaged, say, Sally, and Sally was out mowing the lawn, then Sally’s away message might read: “Mowing the lawn. BBL,” or something of the like. Get it?

Local Natives Play The Beach at Governor's Island

Reigning from Los Angeles, California, Local Natives are certainly not local or native to the Big Apple, but the crowd at Governor’s Island Saturday night, welcomed the band as one of the cities own. With the sun setting along New York’s South Street skyline, Young Man and We Barbarians set the mood early in the night, energizing the audience who by nightfall, were anxious for the main act to take to the stage.

Local Natives first made a splash when they played not one, not two, but nine shows at the 2009 South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. They have released their first album and have been touring since then. However, the band commented that Saturday’s show at Governor’s Island, which was sold out, was the biggest show they’ve played to date, expressing sincere gratitude towards the audience for coming out to the show.

Local Natives Release Live Video of

Weren't lucky enough to score tickets to the Locl Natives show at Governor's Island? No worries, check out this up-close and personal, live video of "Airplanes" that the band recorded during this year's Pitchfork Music Festival for Pitchfork.com's "Yours Truly" sessions.

Andrew Bird’s Dark Sounds Took On The Guggenheim

Last night’s Andrew Bird show at the Guggenheim was like an art buffet, just so much creativity in a culture overload. The landmark museum was a remarkable setting for the one-man expert at sound. The building was art, the art was art, the gaggle of attractive fedora wearing ladies was art and even the speakers were art.

Playing in a spiral silo, although epic in presentation, can create some acoustic challenges. Andrew Bird took the museum with plenty of firepower in the form of a Sonic Arboretum put together by Ian Schneller of Specimen Guitars. “The room is difficult with all the smooth surfaces. It is very resonant. It’s like a big horn… So working with that resonance is very challenging. But Andrew know how to work a room like this” said Nadine Schneller wife and owner of Specimen Guitars. The Sonic Arboretum included 53 beautifully crafted hornlings and hornlets that were placed around and around the cyclical Guggenheim. The infamous spinning Janus Horn that blasts sound as it rotates at high speeds had a unique effect on the room.

Gaslight Anthem Brings It Home To Jersey

The legendary Stone Pony continues to be a place where the best names in rock ‘n roll gather to scream, shout, bop, swing, and fist pump their ways into history. Last night the summer stage was alive with one of the hottest new breakout bands from Jersey, Gaslight Anthem. Touring in support of their recently released megahit, American Slang, they played a nearly two-hour set with over twenty songs and they showed no signs of stopping.

The most impressive part of the show was singer Brian Fallon. Where did the guy with the wavering warbly voice from “’59 Sound” two years ago get this hard-rocking, Chris Cornell-style belt?? He commanded respect and admiration from the audience as his voice tore through their new album. They opened with “American Slang,” and his voice did not let up from then until the end.

Joonbug Interview: David Murphy of STS9

Joonbug had a chat with David Murphy, bassist of Sound Tribe Sector 9 (STS9). STS9 will be playing two shows in NYC to kick off their Summer Tour. An acoustic “Axe the Cables” set at Blender Theater @ Gramercy on August 11th (Sold Out!) and a plugged in show at the Roseland Ballroom on August 12th. The new tour has specificlly placed special acoustic shows to promote the live acoustic album, Axe the Cables, and show fans some love sans laptops. Murphy dropped knowledge on the bands progression, the planned acoustic shows, the return of their lightman Saxton, activism projects and advice for first timers who plan on seeing the intellectual party band throw down in NYC and across the US.

New Kings of Leon Album Due in October

Rock royalty Kings of Leon have announced a release date of October 19 for their new album, Come Around Sundown. It’s the fifth studio album for the critically acclaimed group who won three Grammy awards in 2008 for their song “Use Somebody.”

The new album is described by the band as “chilled out” and “beachy,” a bit of a departure from their Southern rock roots. A video of the band performing “Southbound,” a track off of the new album, is below.