Gucci Mane Released from Prison

After six months in which he still seemed to somehow release a barrage of tracks, Atlanta based rapper Gucci Mane is a free man. Unlike fellow Atlanta rapper T.I., who has been scurrying around the country to complete his mandated 1,000 hours of community service while simultaneously filming his MTV reality show ‘Road To Redemption,’ Gucci Mane is not a man who can be bothered with community service.

So much so, in fact, that he doesn’t mind spending time in jail as opposed to performing it. According to XXL Magazine, Gucci “was sent to Fulton County Jail on September 12, 2008 for only completing 25 hours of a mandated 600 hours of community service stemming from a prior assault charge. A judge originally sentenced him to one year in prison for the violation along with two and a half years on probation and 600 more hours of community service.”

Featured Artist Profile: Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine
Genre: Folk Rock
Website: www.ironandwine.com

“Yeah. But I kind of do it with my band quite a bit, too. I think it’s fun. I mean, honestly it gets pretty fucking old playing those songs over and over again. You know, anything you can do to spice it up is always fun.” – On remaking songs.

Residing in Dripping Springs, TX, singer-songwriter Sam Beam has released three studio albums, several EP’s and singles. Iron & Wine has also been featured on the motion picture soundtracks of In Good Company and Garden State. Beam was raised in Columbia, South Carolina, and worked as a professor of film and cinematography at the University of Miami of Art & Design after graduating from Florida State University Film School. After writing songs for more than seven years, Beam grabbed the attention of Sub Pop Records with his four-track recorded demo. Beam released his first album in 2002, The Creek Drank the Cradle, in which he wrote, performed, recorded, and produced each track. He created his soulful, folk sound with acoustic guitars, banjo, and slide guitar. The name Iron &Wine is inspired by a dietary supplement called “Beef Iron &Wine” Beam found in a general store while making a film. Iron & Wine gained notoriety for its cover of “Such Great Heights” by Postal Service, which was used in an M&M commercial and in the 2004 film Garden State.

Sting: The Ultimate Hustler

I envy Sting, I really do. Not only does he live on his own 860 acre estate in Tuscany (roughly a little over a mile of land), he is about to start producing his own wine - from his estate. The property includes a farm, which also produces organic olive oil, honey, fruits, veggies and Tuscan salami. It is in a small village called Figline Valdarno, around 19 miles south of Florence.

About 30,000 bottles of the yet to be named wine will be produced and sold mainly in the United States and Great Britain. On a recent interview with Newsday, the estate’s manager Paolo Rossi claims the wine “Will be a 2007 vintage based on the Sangiovese grape, with a touch of Cabernet and Merlot”- a.k.a. it will be damn good. The wine should be out later this year so be on the look out.

U2’s Bono Makes Too Much Money- Needs to $hare
Wacko Jacko Camping Out in Great Britain for a While

Michael Jackson, the King of like, everything, has completely sold out all of the shows at London’s O2 Arena. Over a million tickets were sold after they went on sale at 7AM (GMT) this morning. Because of such a high demand, Jackson will extend his residency in the arena well into 2010 doing a total of 50 shows - the first beginning in July of this year. [nme]

With the success of the London shows looming, it is rumored that Michael may even do a World tour- something many little boys and girls look forward to (I couldn’t resist). It would be a once in a lifetime event, being that these shows are being done in lieu of his pending retirement. Then again, Jackson may follow in the footsteps of Michael Jordan and Jay-Z and pull the “I’m-Retired-No-Just-Kidding!” move and return to the business a few years later. Only time will tell.

…There is No Way He is Dead

Machiavelli said it best:

"A prince who wishes to achieve great things must learn to deceive..."

The man who released more albums while dead (or supposedly dead - I really don’t know anymore) than when he was alive has deceived us yet again. With the help of the Brooklyn group Boot Camp Clik, Tupac Shakur will release the joint project March 20th. However, the album is only being released in digital form, so the only way to get it is through a digital distributor such as iTunes.

The 18-track LP, named One Nation, was a long time dream of his manifested - East coast musicians working with West coast musicians on one joint venture. At the time of Tupac’s untimely death (and I use the word death very loosely) there was much tension between the two opposite coasts which some believe caused the unfortunate ending to the lives of Tupac and fellow rapper the late Notorious BIG.

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore Wed!

Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore were married this past Tuesday. The two announced their engagement last month after having dated on and off for a year.

While I don’t really know much about Ryan Adams, I do know that it’s wrong for news outlets to be comparing this coupling to that of Zoe Deschanel and the guy from Death Cab. See, in the latter couple both actually write and perform good music while in the former one is just whiny and the other stars in movies like “License to Wed.”

Anyways, Moore and Adams wed in Savannah, Georgia and despite appearances, we wish them all the best.

Joaquin Phoenix: Still Crazy After All These Weeks

Joaquin Phoenix is really keeping this crazy thing going. Yesterday, Phoenix showed up at a hip-hop show at Miami’s Fontainebleau. Phoenix reportedly got onstage around 1:50 a.m. at the nightlight LIV and began rapping inaudibly.

Phoenix is still a little sensitive about his abilities though and when he caught sight of an audience member he believed was heckling him, he screamed “Bitch! This is a $3,000 f*cking suit!” then jumped into the crowd.

Casey Affleck, who is reportedly documenting Phoenix’s career change/mental breakdown/practical joke on the world, filmed the incident. Fantastic.

Jack White and Kills Singer Form New Band

Jack White has formed a new band with The Kills’ singer Alison Mosshart. White is currently a member of two other bands, The White Stripes and The Raconteurs. While this one guy/one girl dynamic sounds a little too familiar for White, this time White is taking over on the drums (fear not, Meg! You and Jack still have something special!).The new band, The Dead Weather played last night for 150 people in Nashville at the offices of Jack White’s record label, Third Man Records.

NME.com is reporting that the band will be releasing their first album, “Horehound” in June. The album is, of course, being produced by White himself.