2011 Fashion Resolutions: Dress the Age
It's a new millennium, damn it! EAT it up!

Countdown...10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 ,1 Happy New Year!!!!

I would like to start this year out with a little known fact in fashion demographics. You got your kids, your juniors (ages 15-24), men's, women's and so forth. Although identifying with a sex and body type is hard enough, now you've got to factor in your age when it comes to picking out that perfect ensemble for a night out on the town. Now, I'm not saying that once a person reaches a certain age that he or she must surrender to the younger fashionistas and dashing gents of this millennium and fade into obliivion, but what I am saying is this. It is at that moment you must take your style into your own hands and listen to the Great Stylist from Beyond (the GSB).

I completely understand that not everyone has the ability to randomly go and purchase a Mc Queen original for a night out on the town, but I do believe you should take just as much pride in what you do choose. I had an interesting conversation with a future client of mine. This woman looked to be about in her mid to late 30's and in the middle of changing her entire life. Her question to me was this: How does someone such as herself, dress her age? As I gave her a nudge of approval on the plum colored v-neck t-shirt she'd just picked up, I told her this; Age I think has absolutely nothing to do with it, it's a question of taste. Now before you misplace your excriment and I dive into this subject any further, I'm going to come up for a breath of air as you find us again next week and we talk further about wearing what you eat.